December 03, 2020

God has a ministry to the "Halls of Congress"

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JD: Talk to me about your ministry. I know it's Hope Ministry International, tell me what you're doing there.

DK: We have the ministry on Capital Hill called Hopes to the Hill. We actually just go in and try and minister one on one with members of Congress, members of the Senate. God has given us a great in roads there. Our ministry on Capital Hill has been going 90 miles an hour plus we have had greater opportunity to develop and cultivate relationships with members of Congress and Senate then we ever had before. So this has been prime time for us on Capital Hill.

JD: Well praise the Lord for that report. Dave joined me in Washington DC when we were doing the production of my DVD documentary "Is the United States in Bible Prophecy?" And David one of the questions I asked you at that time was what happened as the Pilgrims arrived there in Plymouth Massachusetts and the establishment of self government. That's the foundation for our government today and I asked you at that time is our government today moving ahead with what was established the Biblically principled establishment of human government, self government there in Plymouth Massachusetts is that going on today or not?

DK: Dr. Jimmy we have moved far a field from what took place there in 1620. In 1607 the first permanent English settlement came to the shores of what we now call the United States. They settled in Jamestown Virginia. The group we call the Pilgrims of storm sent them way north. They ended up not settling in Virginia but instead settled in Plymouth Massachusetts. They wrote their own charter before they exited the ships there in Plymouth and that charter was called the Mayflower Compact. And Dr. Jimmy in that charter they stated why they were coming. They said, "we're coming for the advancement of the Christian faith." So they were coming Jimmy to propagate the gospel in this new world. That was God's direct and divine intervention to cause that to happen the way it did. But boy have we move far a field from that experiment and self government since those days. Now Dr. Jimmy we're a mere shadow of what the Pilgrims intended. 

JD: Dave Kistler with the details on his ministry, In the Halls of Congress and the status of the government established by the Pilgrims some 400 years ago.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report on his ministry In the Halls of Congress was exciting. May I suggest that you can have a ministry in Congress as well. I Timothy 2:1-4 exhorts us to pray for those which are in higher authority. That will allow us to live a peaceful life and win people to Jesus Christ. Soul winning is what will bring the Rapture quicker, that's I Peter 3:12.