July 14, 2015

Colonel Bob Maginnis at the Pentagon says whatever the outcome of the Iranian nuclear talks may be Iran is still going to be a major threat to this world

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Colonel Bob Maginnis who serves the Pentagon as an advisor on strategic  planning says that the Iranian deal whatever way it may come out is going to put Iran in a position that they will impact the entire Middle East for the next fifty years.

We are not going to see Iran go away as a threat to the Middle East or to any other part of the world.

Here is what Bob had to say from the Pentagon:

BOB MAGINNIS:  "I think that the Iranians have not backed down from their hegemonic view of not only the region  but of the broader world. Given that and given the eschatological views of the ali Khomeinis  and the clerics that run that place, they see themselves as the helm  of the world and anything that interferes with that needs to be dismissed; negotiating a treaty they don't have any intention of following through with makes perfect sense given their theology and the way in which they look at the world today." 

That report from Colonel Bob Maginnis at the Pentagon in Washington DC,  I report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Iran will be a major threat in the future according to Bible prophecy. Iran is mentioned as Persia in Ezekiel chapter 38 and verse 5. Until 1936, Persia was the name for three states we know today as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Iran is going to play a key role in the alignment of nations that will come against the Jewish state of Israel. 

Deal or no deal whatever the results may be, whether Iran abides by the deal or or lies and does not abide by the decision made in the negotiations, there is going to be a threat continually from the Iranian Islamic Republic. Bible prophecy tells us that that will be the case and as Bob Maginnis said they are motivated by their own eschatology. 

Iranian eschatology comes from the belief that the 12th Imam will come back to  power, he will raise from the dead, and he will be the Mahdi, that's Arabic for Messiah; he will come forth into this world to set up a worldwide caliphate, a world dominion, which actually fits into the plan that the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote about some 2500 years ago, that one of the major players would be the nation of Iran. God's Word will be fulfilled. 

These talks or any deal that may come out of these talks are simply setting the stage for Bible prophecy to 
be fulfilled.