July 12, 2021

China is preparing for war with the United States

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JD: Xi Jinping who is the President of course seems to be mobilizing China for a war and possibly with nukes. What can you tell us? 

KT: Well Jimmy this has been building for a number of years. The Chinese have talked about the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist party that's this year but they also have said they would become the world's hegemon by the 100th anniversary of the Revolution, that would be 2049. I think what we're seeing now is an acceleration of that time table and its an acceleration based on many things. First, the Chinese have greater economic power then they might have forecast 20 years ago. Second, they have much greater military power and have been able to acquire cutting edge military technologies initially by stealing them and buying them from the US during the Clinton Administration. Today they're pretty much self sufficient in all of their military hardware. They're building a blue water navy to be able to challenge the US around the world, to keep us out of the South China Sea and other places. They have an air force which is increasingly capable and on a par with the United States. 

President Xi has been telling his people that China is on the march. He's starting to use language which we've saw in the 19th century and before during the Emperors period of the Chinese domination where he's talking about everything in the world being under Chinese domination. I think this is what really precipitates this talk of a war breaking out has been reinforcement of Chinese troops along the Indian border in the Himalayas. The United States should be worried. We haven't heard a peep out of the Biden White House about this. But 50,000 troops on the razors edge with India up in those mountains is something to be extremely concerned about seeing as both countries are nuclear armed. 

JD: Ken Timmerman with a report on how China is preparing to go to war with the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In main stream media  there is much reporting on red China and its desire to be the number one in the world economically and militarily. China's main competition on that effort is the United States of America. China is more ready at this point in time while the United States military is going woke, not preparing to defend the nation. Bible prophecy reveals this scenario will play out that's China mentioned as the kings of the east in Revelation 16:12. Remember America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy.