June 03, 2014

Assad boasts confidence in his victory, even if the capital is lost

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As the Syrian civil war continues to intensify, Bashar Assad - the defiant Syrian president - continues to hold on to power and command his military to destroy the opposition trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

Syrians have been killed in this civil war and the opposition is moving closer and closer every day to Damascus, the stronghold for the Assad regime.

Bashar Assad said recently that even if Damascus is destroyed, he as president of Syria would continue to fight on and would eventually win out in the final solution.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The brash statements by Syrian President Bashar Assad that even if the opposition of his government destroys the city of Damascus that he would still win in the end which is in contradiction of Bible prophecy.

The civil war in Syria has seen people killed as they endeavor to bring down the Assad government which is a horrific price to bring down a man whose family has controlled Syria for over fifty years. With each and every day of fighting, the opposition forces draw closer and closer to Assad's stronghold in Damascus and these opposition forces are threatening to destroy the city of Damascus. Defiantly, Bashar Assad said recently that even if Damascus is destroyed, he would prevail and he would win the civil war. Assad's statement that he would win in the long run even if Damascus is destroyed is a contradiction to political wisdom and to the prophetic word.

The ancient Jewish prophet Isaiah wrote 2500 years ago that Damascus would be destroyed. The phrase in Isaiah 17, "in that day" indicates that the prophecy will be fulfilled in the last days, a period of time very close at hand. When you notice Daniel 11:40 where it mentions the King of the North, you can conclude from Daniel 11:5-20 that the King of the North is modern day Syria. Daniel 11:40 says at the time of the end, and that's our day, Syria will indeed be destroyed. Damascus is the major city of Syria and it could very well be destroyed by the Syrian opposition forces who want Assad out of power.

Politically, it looks as if Damascus is about to be destroyed, prophetically however it is absolute, Damascus will be destroyed.