January 01, 2014

Rabbi Yoel Keren, our broadcast partner on Prophecy Today Weekend, is going to look back over 2013 and look at a preview for 2014

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Over 2013 we have had a lot of conversations with a broadcast partner in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yoel Keren.
JD: We want to talk about what's been going on as it relates to the Temple Mount, is it true, are the Jews continuing to work towards access onto the Temple Mount and a freedom to be able to spend some time in their most sacred piece of real estate in all the world?
YK: At the end of every calendar year, I sit there and I look at the year behind me and I say, " you know what, we just got to keep on keeping on", because I don't really see any progress; this year is a little bit different, this year - I really saw some changes, this year - I am excited about the year to come. That’s the first time I think I can say that in many years. I would say for the first time in the history of the state of Israel, or at least we can say since 1967, the idea that the Jews should assert their control and demand freedom of worship for all Bible believing people, whether they be Jew or Christian, over the Temple Mount, the one and only place where God said, ‘this is where My name will be forever. It has entered now, the realm of the highest echelons of the Israeli government and it’s not just something that is said by a few right wing extremists. We haven’t seen that that since Israel took control of East Jerusalem and the area surrounding the Temple Mount – we just haven’t seen it. It's a brand new thing and it happened literally in the past few months. 
JD: I’ve got to ask this question – it begs to be asked; the fact is  are the Moslems going to sit by and just watch this happen or are they going to try and stop it?
YK: As usual, as we have seen for the last 30-40 years, the Muslims will foam at the mouth, they will throw rocks, they will do anything they can to stop this from happening but ultimately they will have to accept the reality of Israeli sovereignty in this land, on God's Holy mountain.
JD: As it relates to the Temple Mount, of course you want this piece of real estate so that you can erect a Temple, a Jewish Temple up there, how are the preparations, have they all been made for this next Temple?
YK: There is little to nothing in our way right now from bringing the sacrifices. But the obstacles that are in our path now are few and far between, God has cleared the path for these things to happen.

Rabbi Yoel Keren with this special report about the Temple Mount and the preparations to build the next Temple.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Let me remind you that Yoel Keren can only forecast into 2014 based upon his thoughts, as he pulls together his research and experience in the area that he has expertise in today.

God's Word; however, is absolute in the area of Bible prophecy. Let me suggest these prophetic passages with a focus on the issues covered with Rabbi Yoel Keren.

Jews desiring access onto the Temple Mount is talked about in Revelation 11:1-2 when John was told to measure the spot for the Temple.

The Israeli government is moving to make access for the Jewish people on the Temple Mount and that is a part of Bible prophecy where the Lord uses human government Revelation 17 :17.

And I conclude with information that all preparation has been made for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem which was foretold by Daniel 9:27.