September 26, 2016

The British Space Agency is Mapping the Milky Way

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JD: The British Space Agency has announced a major project using a high-powered telescope to actually map the Milky Way. My broadcast partner Don DeYoung gives us more detail but, first I want him to describe what is our Milky Way.

DD: The Milky Way is our own galaxy. The universe has many of them; they are like islands right across space with vast distances between them. Different kinds of galaxies, ours is shaped like a spiral, some other ones are shaped like footballs and different shapes. They’re just vast assembles of stars. Our's is large in itself and in particular this new telescope is exploring our own galaxy the Milky Way.

JD: And I understand that in the mapping process and taking of the pictures with this telescope they’ve been able to plot about a billion, that’s a B, a billion stars out there. Talk to me about the number of stars.

DD: Well yes, in our Milky Way a ballpark estimate Jimmy, would be a hundred billion. That’s one followed by eleven zeros and that’s a typical number for a galaxy. Of course our own sun is just one of those many stars. This new telescope has a high resolution and so they’re able to take a close look at individual stars where as before they were merged together. They do say that they will be able to take clear images of about one billion stars.

If they’re are a hundred billion all together in the milky way they’re resolving about one percent with a clear picture, which is better than what we’ve seen before. I’m sure that they’ll be many new objects and features found with this telescope. And for me that’s all interesting I think its creation research. Its exploring what God put out there.

JD: Creation research, I like that phrase that Don used what a truth that is. Don DeYoung, our broadcast partner reporting on the unbelievable heavenly project being done by the British Space Agency.

 We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

God created the stars and will use the stars in a period of judgment in the future.

Genesis 1:16, said that God brought all the stars into existence with four words, "and the stars also". And He created each and every star with those simple four words. In the future Tribulation period, He will use the stars for judgment that’s Revelation 1:13, when stars will fall from heaven on to the earth. And also, Revelation 8:12, when one third of the stars will go dark. Now that’s all judgment in the future, but for now we look at the stars because they display His glory in creation. Psalms 19:1 "the heavens declare His glory, so look to the heavens".

And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.