February 17, 2020

41 years ago the people of Iran welcomed back an Islamic leader who would change the history of the world

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JD: Actually what was going on Ken prior to the Ayatollah coming out of France to go back home to Iran?

KT: Well Jimmy I was actually in France when all of that took place and it was obviously a huge public event. Nobody at that point in 1979 could have foreseen easily return of the Ayatollah would usher in 41 years of darkness which is what we have seen. Now I said nobody at the time. They could have if they had read his sermons and his sermons were available. But as we learn many many years later the sermons were never read by the CIA. We could have known if we had been reading them.

And I'll give you one more little antidote. I was sitting in France and I was able to read them in a short little green book the sayings of the Ayatollah. And we learned all the different things that you had to do to preserve the Ramadan fast in Khomeini speeches. Extraordinary. We should have known it was coming. Today at 41 years old this regime is very powerful. The weekend before the anniversary they set off a new missile called the rod missile, it means thunder. It has new engines. It's supposed to have maneuverable warhead. This is bad news for the United States, bad news for Israel and bad news for our friends in Europe.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the return of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to Iran who would then set in place the Iranian Islamic Republic.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report lays out the background for the Iranian Islamic Republic that has become over the last 40 years a major danger to Israel and the United States but also the Middle East and the entire world. We must learn from history or we will face the problems of the future. With the return of the Ayatollah and within 6 weeks a national referendum in Iran that set the stage for the Islamic Republic to become a state sponsor of radical terrorism and for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. This scenario was foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets Daniel and Ezekiel. That's Daniel 11:44 and Ezekiel 38:5. These verses tell us that Persia, modern day Iran, that Persia would rise to power as a threat to the world in an alignment of Islamic nations who will endeavor to wipe Israel off the Earth. That times has arrived.