November 23, 2018

God's love and care for the Jewish people is a guarantee of that same kind of love and care for Christians today

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JD: David having been a Bible teacher for over 30 years how do you think leading a tour like this will affect your overall teaching ministry going forward?

DJ: Well I think one of the things is developing a 3D prospective of the country. And what I mean by that is pictures and even video does not do justice to just some of the harsh living conditions and some of the things that people went through. For example, the absolute stark reality of what it meant for the children of Israel to wonder in the desert for 40 years. What it meant to go up through the mountains of Moab and make your way on the east side of the Jordan River preparing to cross into the Promised Lane. The walking distance for example from Jerusalem to the Galilee and even the northern Galilee. And for example visiting where we see the actual path that was taken from the Jordan River up to Jerusalem something David referred to this as the valley of the shadow of death. It just really brings everything to life and will definitely be a positive impact on my Bible teaching for sure.

JD: David we know that Israel is surrounded by countries and terrorist groups that threaten the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel but ultimately our trust and our security it’s only found in the Lord.

DJ: Well that’s right and if we understand the scriptures correctly the attacks on Israel are actually not going to take place until after the Rapture of the church and God is currently keeping his promises as he always does to protect Israel and not only that our security on every day. We’re only a heartbeat away from eternity and our supposed security even when we’re driving down the highway and our car is going 60 and the other car is going 60 and we’re coming past each other at 120 mph and yet we trust the Lord to carry us through the next moment through the next day until it is his time to call us home to be with him.

JD: David James Bible in hand which is absolute proof that God’s love and care for the Jewish people guarantees the same for Christians today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For 4,000 years God has shown his love and care and protection for the Jewish people. That same activity is applicable for Christians as well. God has a plan for the Jewish people and Christians in the future. God’s plan for the Jews guarantees a plan for Christians as well. Ezekiel chapters 34-48 lay out God's plan for the Jews which is absolute and will be fulfilled.