November 01, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping has solidified his leadership role in China and now wants a larger footprint in the Middle East

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JD: Bob again let’s get back to China. We talked I think last week or the week before about China and the congress that was going on and really Xi Jinping solidified his power base by being elected again as the leader. But it was noticeable they did not have an heir apparent in the top seven leaders which they normally do have. That means Xi Jinping may be in there for a long time and he’s reporting he wants a larger footprint in the Middle East that does not seem to bode well.

BM: You know he’s being held as a mound phased leader, which has solidified his power and not only economically but in terms of reorganizing the military and stretching across the world China’s influence militarily as well as diplomatically. So, these are very very interesting developments. I think the congress basically solidified behind Mr. Xi and we’re going to have to wait and see but it wont be long before we begin I think to see far more Chinese soldiers in the Mid East and Africa. We already have plenty of places such as Central America and a very large Navy at sea. This is not something to be ignored at all.

JD: Well and does not China control all of the waterways from the oil producing nations of this world as well?

BM: Well they certainly have a lot of influence if not control. You know the South China Sea over their own company run by the PLA runs the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal they have a company there, they have Naval vessels that of course are in Dubai, as well as in Bahrain, as well as in a number of other places. I mean they have proliferated their Navy their influence, their economic interest, their military continues to expand. You know interesting a lot people don’t know they’re doing peace keeping operations in Southern Lebanon you have a thousand Chinese up there. So, there’s a lot going on that the average person is just not aware of.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with this report on China having a larger footprint in the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As we focus on China we can see that the end of time prophetic scenario is coming better into focus. Revelation 16:12 refers to the Kings of the East making their way into Jerusalem. China is one of those Kings of the East found in that prophetic passage today preparing to fulfill Bible prophecy as they enlarge their footprint in the Middle East.