August 24, 2017

The Islamic terror organization, Hamas, is behind the tearing down of historic statues in America

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JD: History is key is it not? Don’t we need to know our history so we know how to live properly in the future?

GD: Well Jimmy, we absolutely do and you know these folks who are saying that we need to tear down these monuments. Almost everyday now we find one particular city is taking down this monument or that monument. And there are even those Jimmy who want to take down the Jefferson Memorial or the Washington Monument in Washington DC. History teaches us how to write our wrongs. The monuments that people are tearing down serve as a reminder to us of some of our dark days of history in the United States of America and we can learn from those things.

We need to understand Jimmy that some of these people whose monuments they want to take down were individuals who were involved in writing the Declaration of Independence or any signing it, who are a part of the construction of the United States constitution, who were founding fathers of our land.

One of the things we have found out in recent days is that there is Islamic influence behind this. The care, which is the council of American Islamic relation and Hamas seems to be behind some of this movement of actually destroying these monuments. I see that Jimmy as part of the Islamic intent to take over the world, yay indeed here, to take over the United States of America. But some how we are missing this truth and it’s concerning to me that we are missing this truth.

JD: Talk show host Gary Dull with this report, which includes information about the Palestinian terror group Hamas behind the destruction of historic statues in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

There is a national debate in America right now as to whether we should destroy many historic statues. That subject is not our discussion on this report today. Our intention is to inform you of some of the players behind this potential move. Hamas is a part of the Islamic radicals that want to not only control America but the entire world. They are key in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in particular pertaining to the Palestinian people. A prophetic significance can be found in Malachi chapter 1, Ezekiel 35, and the little book of Obadiah. The Palestinian people today are the edomites of Biblical times. The Lord says that he will destroy the Palestinian people as if they have never been a people. That prophecy is set to be fulfilled.