March 23, 2016

Scientists are preparing a robotic submarine to dive to the deepest part of the ocean

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A robotic submarine is undergoing final preparations to dive to the deepest known part of the ocean which is called the Challenger Deep some 3600 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Guam. The Challenger Deep is the deepest abyss on Earth. In fact, it is deeper than Mount Everest is high, and at that depth, pressure reached 1100 times the pressure on the surface which makes the engineering and building of such a vehicle a huge challenge. 

The mission is more than just proving new technology. Scientists believe that this new robotic submarine will allow them to see all kinds of new life forms in novel habitats and they are expecting the unexpected. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The robotic submarine that will take scientists to the deepest part of the ocean may not find what God has put there as it relates to the future - according to Bible prophecy.

British scientists are preparing a robotic submarine to be used in a dive to the deepest part of the ocean which they hope will reveal new scientific discoveries. The Challenger Deep in the west Pacific near the island of Guam is the site to be explored and these marine biologists can only anticipate the new discoveries they may find in this endeavor. 

As I am reporting this anticipated scientific event, my mind goes back to the passage of scripture that is found in the Old Testament - a prophetic passage in the last chapter of Micah. The ancient Jewish prophet in the context is acknowledging the sins of his people, the Jewish people (Micah 7:9). The prophet also warns the enemies of the Jewish people in the last days that when the Lord is finished chastising His people, then God will take care of the enemies of the Jewish people (Micah 7:10). In this same context, God tells the prophet that He will take the sins of the Jews and cast them into the depths of the deepest sea (Micah 7:19). It is in this context that Micah reveals the time of this prophecy to be when the Jewish people have cattle grazing on the Golan Heights - that is Bashan in verse 14. And I have to report, that is happening today. 

The robotic submarine dive into the deepest part of the ocean does indeed attract our attention to the fact that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.