July 13, 2018

The Israeli government says there are now more Jews living in Israel then there are living in the United States and this has a prophetic significance

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JD: David I was noticing there was an article that one of the Israeli cabinet members had said it has happened. Now Israel has more Jews more Jewish population in Israel itself more than the United States Jewish population. As I remember about 6.6 million Jews living in Israel and in the United States 5.7.

DW: You know I was thinking about it after I saw that article and you know it has an up side and it has a down side. It has an up side because of course we really want more people to come live here in Israel. We want the Jewish community to continue to grow. It’s growing because people are coming to live here from all over the world and it’s also growing because we have a very high birth rate.

On the other hand there’s a down side you know what’s happening to the American Jewish community? And the major issue there is not that their all leaving to come here but there’s a tremendous amount of assimilation and people are forgetting their Jews and that is of course something that’s negative. We prefer that the Jewish identity remain.

JD: I understand that God’s word really is commanding all Jews to move to Israel ultimately. Would you agree with that?

DW: Yeah, I agree with that. The reason you know when we talk about in the five books of Moses in the Torah the second book is out of Exodus. The Jews were taken out of bondage out of slavery in Egypt and the primary reason for that was to bring them to the land of Israel. There have been a Covenant made with patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to bring the Jews back into the land of Israel and this is where we belong, this is our home. This is our homeland this is definitely where Jews should be. We’re seeing a continued growth in the Jewish population here. And I have no doubt that in the coming years and the coming decades we’ll see a continued growth; people will continue to come here. And I think the time isn’t too far away when that article we’ll see in the press won’t just be that there are more Jews in Israel than in the United States but we’ll very soon see that a majority of Jews in the world live in Israel as a pose to in the diaspora. That will of course be a very important turning point in history and I hope that I’m privileged to live to see that day.

JD: David Wilder with insight about the expanding Jewish population in Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Wilder said he wants to see the day when almost all Jews are living in Israel. That day is coming according to the prophetic word of God. Ezekiel chapter 37 says that Jews will re-gather to God’s promised land that’s verse 7. Verse 8 says a Jewish nation will be restored. Both of these prophecies have been or are being fulfilled today. The Jewish Messiah is coming back to earth very soon.