September 29, 2017

The truth be known, those false teachers who taught about September 23rd, misused the Word of God

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JD: Last week’s program we explained why John’s vision in Revelation chapter 12 could not be possibly fulfilled by today’s alignment of the sun, the moon, and the stars and the constellation Virgo. Maybe you could give just a quick reminder to our listeners of what we were talking about.

DJ: Revelation 12:1 says, this now a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of 12 stars. And then it goes on to talk about a child that this woman gave birth to and then there are another sign appeared in heaven, and we know that this is Satan depicted as a fiery red dragon.

The one thing I needed to point out, I've looked into this from an astronomy prospective even though some have said this is only happening one time in history. Actually, according to one astronomer that I read in the past 1,000 years and this is as far back as he went, he said this same event has happened at least 4 times already and that would be the years 1827, 1483, 1293, and 1056. And I don’t expect people to remember those dates but it is important to say that people are trying to capitalize on what they say is a unique one time historical event, and that simply is not true.

JD: David, we know that these kinds of theories pop up all the time and it’s just a matter of days or weeks before the next one is going to come along. How can our listeners be better prepared to think about these things Biblically?

DJ: First of all I would say this, even going back a number of years ago when I wrote the book The Harbinger Fact or Fiction and response to the Harbinger I noted this before I ever got into the book and that is where I cited the passage and proverbs and I’ll paraphrase it, the first one to present his case seems right until his neighbor comes to examine him. So, besides being careful to use a literal grammatical historical hermeneutic and comparing scripture with scripture.

I would also go to trusted Bible teachers as well and see if there are any responses to these kinds of things. And what I think our listeners will find are there are good solid trust worthy Bible teachers who are using this method of interpretation and using a combination of scripture, theology, and logic to deal with these. And in some cases for example in this case would be astronomy bringing even science to bear to see if people are actually using all of these things correctly to understand the word of God in both its contextual sense in the scriptures as well its historical context.

David James with his Biblical approach to understanding prophetic events.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word, and only God’s word is absolute on future events. Study the Bible to know God’s plan for the future. And that is according to the scripture found in II Peter 1:19 where the word says we have a more sure word of prophecy. 

September 28, 2017

The two factions of the Palestinian people are in unity talks, if they unite, it will mean violence to the Jewish people of Israel

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JD: Two different factions of the Palestinian people, Hamas and Fatah. They seemingly are going to come together seeing if they can put some type of reconciliation in place. Can these two come into one unity operation?

IM: Neither side likes the other one. In 2007 they had a terrible terrible Civil War where Hamas soldiers were taking Fatah’s people and literally throwing them off the roofs of houses, it was a terrible terrible period of time.  And Hamas wants to rule in Gaza. However, in spite of Hamas wanting to rule Hamas has run out of money. If Hamas is really really in a bind at this point and not out of love of the Fatah but out of desperation Hamas may actually agree this time to a reconciliation. But they’re demanding that there be national elections. If there are national elections Hamas is hoping they will win the election so that what they are unable to do by the gun right now they might actually be able to do an election and take over the Palestinian Authority. That is what Hamas is hoping for.

JD: What would happen if they did have elections today?

IM: Mahmoud Abbas today is very unpopular so, Abbas is not popular. On the other end Hamas is not popular either and the leadership of Hamas isn’t popular. And what I think will determine the outcome will be literally what happens in the news and I think that’s something that’s very very scary and a little bit ominous. In the past when Hamas and Fatah were weak they would start terror campaigns and the terror campaigns always raised their popularity. If we have elections coming up I expect that in the month or two before the elections both Fatah and Hamas will commit terror attacks to be able to show the Palestinian people that they do know how to use tactic of terror. And I fear that whoever is more successful using terror might jump up the polls.

JD: Itamar Marcus who is director of Palestinian Media Watch with what will happen if the Palestinian people unite.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The two factions of the Palestinian people Hamas and Fatah are talking about reconciliation and becoming one people. This possibility could lead to violence against the Jewish people of Israel. The ancient Jewish prophets wrote that this prophetic scenario would come about in the last days, that’s Ezekiel 35 and Obadiah. Palestinian unity talks are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.