January 21, 2019

Israel is ready to go to an all-out war to stop Iran

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JD: Looks like Israel may have to go to an all out war with Iran and Syria if they’re going to be able to stop Iran. Now this is getting pretty serious.

KT: Well this is the scenario that we’ve been looking at for some time Jimmy where the Iranians are pushing their pawns in Lebanon, in Syria. Most recently this past week Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Iran to evacuate from Syria, it’s forces from Syria or face extended Israeli retaliation, extended Israeli strikes. The Iranians scoffed at that and said they were in Syria to stay. But this is clearly the battle line that is being drawn right now. So far the Iranians have not struck back at Israel and that’s what people are now starting to wonder about whether the Iranians will use those forces they have based in Lebanon as well as Syria to strike back at Israel or Israel’s repeated air strikes on Iranian assets in Syria.

JD: Why is Iran so determined to stay there in Syria? They say that indeed they’re going to keep their military forces in Syria despite what Israel has to say.

KT: This is a strategic goal of the Iranian regime. Remember it is not an Iranian Republic; it is the Islamic Republic in Iran. I call it the Islamic state of Iran but it is an Islamic Republic meaning their goal is to expand the domain the realm of Islam. So for them to be stationed outside of Iran is a strategic goal. They are defending Islam. They see this as a priority to maintain that presence in Syria why? Because it gets them closer to Israel and eradicating Israel is a goal of this regime. They’ve been waiting for it for 40 years Jimmy and they’re just getting increasing military capabilities to be able to do this.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the announcement from Israel that the Jewish state is ready to go to an all out war to stop Iran in the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

With the ever expanding presence of Iran in Syria at Israel’s northern border the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the Israeli Defense Force is ready to go to an all out war to stop this Islamic power base from destroying the Jewish State, which is actually what Iran has said they are ready to do. That Iranian threat is right out of the prophetic scenario that can be found in the prophetic book of Ezekiel, to be exact that’s Ezekiel 38:5. In that verse Persia which is mentioned is modern day Iran. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.