July 28, 2020

The Moslems in Jerusalem will fight for the Temple Mount to remain Islamic

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JD: People may not remember Al Aqsa is the mosque we're talking about is that putter dome building the gold dome building really not a mosque but a commemorative building. But Al Aqsa's director is making a statement and when they talk about Al Aqsa they talk about the mosque but they talk about the entire Temple Mount that it's going to stay and remain Islamic. He said the Muslim people in the Eastern part of the city of Jerusalem will stand up and protect it. This is a controversy of course that's going to continue on until Jesus Christ comes back. Al Aqsa is now supposedly Islamic but it's going to be Jewish and Christian when Jesus rules and reigns from there. What we know now could be the controversy Zechariah was talking about could it not?

DD: Well it certainly seems to be leading up to that. You know Jimmy we have to point out that Al Aqsa started out as a church. It was originally a Byzantine Christian Church that was "converted" by the Muslims after they attacked Jerusalem and captured the Temple Mount in the six century I believe. And of course they closed the Christian Church down and turned it into a mosque and there by the Christians couldn't worship there. Well that's very similar to the Sophia former Cathedral in Istanbul that we talked about last week. Originally that was a church and the head of the Byzantine Christian empire really. So this was a part of it in Jerusalem.

So there's every reason for Christians and Jews and of course Jews had their Temple there for many many centuries before any mosque was there and the Islamic existed at all. So there's very good reasons for Jews and Christians to have claims on Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount but of course the Muslims have dug their heals in on that as well and no way they will ever willingly give over any sort of control there. But as I've said before in the midst of a great war we're going to probably see some major changes like we did in the 67 War where Israel ended up being three times larger in terms of land and control than before the war started. So dramatic things you do happen in major wars everywhere but certainly in the Middle East. We'll have to stay tuned for that.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Muslims in Jerusalem will fight for the control of the Temple Mount.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

I mentioned the prophetic passage of Zechariah that's Zechariah 12:2 where the Lord says that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be the center of controversy in the last days. David's report is evidence that Zechariah's statement is true. This sacred piece of real estate to the Jewish people is also wanted by the Muslim world. The truth be known Zechariah's prophecy is being fulfilled today.