December 08, 2016

The Iraqi effort to take back the city of Mosul, with it's mixed military groups, may come back with a bad outcome

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JD: The Iraqi battle for Mosul well which is the headquarters for Islamic state in Iraq. How is that going?

BM: Well it’s progressing slowly inch by inch, they’re leading of course with special forces they’re taking neighborhood by neighborhood but eventually they will destroy most of the ISIS in there that don’t escape. What’s going to be left though is not going to be a very pretty sight we’ve inched in there we’ve found one mass grave after another; rubbled neighborhoods most of the infrastructure just destroyed. So it’s going to take many years to recover, if ever we see that happen.

JD: Well not only the war torn activities that’s taking place right there in Mosul right now will they find when the fight is over. But I’m concerned maybe about the mix of those who are involved in the fight, the Kurds the Iraqi forces which you just talked about and the Shiite Muslim militia. I mean whose going to be the leader in Mosul after this is all over?

BM: Well that’s the 48 thousand dollar question Jimmy, I don’t think anyone can reasonably say that definitely Baghdad’s going to be in charge because Baghdad is the puppet of Tehran. The Shia militia recently by the parliament of Baghdad were recognized as a legitimate part of the Iraqi security forces. That alienates obviously all the Arab Sunni’s north of Baghdad and it certainly doesn’t go well with the Kurds who occupy a large plot of the land there. So we end up with a lot of contested territory and I suspect we’re going to see once ISIS is gone more tension across the geopolitical spectrum in that area.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis, from the Pentagon, with details on the battle for Mosul. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

In the last days the Lord will raise up the Kurds to defeat the city of Babylon.

 The Kurds are a people in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. The Kurds actually want their own nation. They live in these neighboring nations but they are not a independent state which is what these people the Kurds would like to have. They want a state and they already call it Kurdistan. The Kurds want the land that is around Mosul for the Kurdish state.

The Bible talks about the Kurds rising up in the last days, Jeremiah 51:11, to defeat the Babylonians which is basically modern day Iraq. With the activities in Mosul it looks like that prophetic scenario is coming much better into focus. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.