August 31, 2020

Turkey has become a threat to the United Arab Emirates even as the Turkish President Erdogan prepares to take control of the city of Jerusalem

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JD: The United Arab Emirates, the UAE sees Turkey as a threat.

KT: We saw the UAE clashing with Turkey and Qatar already during the Libyan Civil War. We've seen increasingly as the United Arab Emirates has sided with a moderate group of Arab states. The UAE has openly pledged to have diplomatic relations and the Saudis are not very far behind. Qatar is the hardline state with Turkey that is resisting any relationship with Israel that is supporting the Muslim brotherhood trying to subvert its neighbors. The UAE is now declaring openly that Turkey is a hostile state.

JD: Tayyip Erdogan produced a video that shows he wants to control the city of Jerusalem. That is going to bring a conflict about between Turkey and Israel. 

KT: Absolutely Jimmy. This is just again indicative of the game plan of Tayyip Erdogan that he wants to become the leader of the Islamic caliphate and that the goal of the Islamic caliphate is to become the ruler of Jerusalem and to become the head of the Islamic world, that is Erdogan's goal. So in the promotional video which shows a Hollywood type scenes of Ottoman warriors on horse back riding across desert plains and mountains and slaughtering their enemies. They end up where? Praying in the mosque that the Muslim emperors have built up on the Temple Mount. It ends with a aerial view just so you don't confuse what they're doing showing the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque. It shows a level of hubris which we have not seen in a Turkish leader in hundreds of years.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on why Turkey is a threat to the UAE even as the Turkish President is preparing to take control of the city of Jerusalem. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Turkey's President Erdogan not only wants to revive the Ottoman Empire but his real goal is to control the city of Jerusalem as the Ottoman Empire did for some 400 years. That control of Jerusalem is the plan for the Islamic world as well. However God's plan for Jerusalem is a bit different as foretold in Psalm 132, Zechariah 6:12 & 6:13. God's plan will prevail. 

August 28, 2020

Should Christians go into the voting booth to vote for the "lesser of two evils"?

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JD: David, how would you respond from a Biblical prospective to those who argue that believers should not get involved in the political process and even for some that is to the point of refusing to vote because they don't like the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils?

DJ: Well those are good questions Jimmy. I think a strong Biblical case can be made for being involved depending ones conscience and their gifts and abilities and opportunities they might have. So starting with Noah in Genesis 9 God established the basic form of human government to restrain evil. Then there was Joseph and later Moses in Egypt who God used at very high levels in the Pagan Empire. Then there were the judges and kings in Israel. Even though the church isn't establishing a theocracy Paul does tell us in Romans 13 that human government comes from God Himself. 

There were prophets like Elijah and Isaiah whom God used to influence Pagan rulers. Daniel had a prominent role in the Babylonian and Persian governments. Then of course there was Esther who took advantage of her political influence to save the Jewish people. In the New Testament Paul took advantage of the political system appearing before rulers and then even appealing to Caesar in order to escape death in Jerusalem and get to the capital of the Roman Empire. We know that the gospel was even preached in Caesar's household.

When it comes to voting for the lesser of two evils we would be voting for the lesser of two evils even if we were voting for ourselves or for our pastor because we are all sinners. So there's just no political purity in a fallen world. Last week Franklin Graham said this, "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are labels as the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in the history of our nation this should be a great concern to all Christians". 

Then I would close with this Jimmy, if you have two candidates and one stands for abortion and against Israel while the other stands against abortion and for Israel how could you not vote and for whom would you vote.

JD: David James Bible in hand helping us to realize that we must vote even if that vote would be for the lesser of two evils.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Since God brought human government into existence to set His plan in place in our world we as Christians must exercise our franchise and cast our vote even if it is a vote for the lesser of two evils. That is God's plan for having His will accomplished in our world. Revelation 17:17 referring to the future sets that same principle in place for prophecy to be fulfilled.

August 27, 2020

Lawlessness in the streets of America could bring down this great nation

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JD: I happen to believe if the pastors don't stand up, if the people in the churches don't stand up to this lawlessness and it continues and it expands that would bring down America. Would you agree with that statement?

SR: It will not only bring down America as the defender of freedom that is around the world the ability to preach the gospel freely will be lost and persecution will be at the door. The only way to describe where we are is like Christ Himself described the end days and that is marked by lawlessness. Lawlessness in the streets are clear we can see that. The port lands of the world and that kind of thing. But lawlessness in the streets is being preceded by lawlessness in positions of civil authority. So in the past our courts when they ruled that marriage was not God's definition or killing a baby was ok. That really is lawlessness in the course because its rejecting the authority of God. 

What's happening now across the country is that the Governors, the Executive Branch is making law. Anybody that knows the Constitution knows that can't be, well it is happening. The Governors, the Executive Branch, the Bureaucrats are making law which is specifically reserved for the Legislator. That is by definition lawlessness. The result of it is that all of these different things we're talking about is a result of throwing off standards. The first when it comes to assembly and church. The bottom line we said it's time for pastors to step up and say no pastors should speak into this because lawlessness is sin. The Bible speaks about sin. The Bible speaks about lawlessness. But the Bible also speaks clearly about authority and that God is the authority and He gives authority to Jesus Christ before whom all will bow one day the individual, the family, the home, and the civil government all will bow beneath the feet of Jesus Christ because that is the authority structure that God has placed before us. Our founders were wise enough to take and model that and put it into our Constitution with the balance of power. Judicial, Legislative and Executive. But when one of those throws off God's pattern you have lawlessness.

JD: Sam Rohror explaining why lawlessness must be stopped here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam mentioned what Jesus said about lawlessness in the scriptures. In the Olivet Discourse a prophetic message Jesus said that lawlessness would abound in the last days. In that message Jesus was speaking in particular of the time of the Tribulation between the Rapture of the church and His second coming. Today we are seeing the precursor for the fulfillment of that prophecy. 

August 26, 2020

The Palestinian Media is calling for the assassination of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates

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JD: Itamar as I have read your recent newsletter it indicates that the Palestinian media may be trying to insight some Palestinians to assassinate the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed there of the United Arab Emirates. What can you tell me about that?

IM: They're using language that he would indicate that he would actually be worthy of being killed. For example they use language of called him a traitor and they've called him a tumor in the Arab world and other things. They've also used images which really presents him as an enemy. There's a new image that we just recently saw and we haven't even publicized it on our website yet where he actually seems to be similar to they are presenting him similar to what they call the settlers who invade the Al Aqsa Mosque. That's of course a terribly derogative, for their prospective the settler is the lowest on the totem pole. They feel justified in killing what they call settlers which is every Israeli and now they are saying he is like them. In fact in that new cartoon you actually see Israeli soldiers protecting him. Like I say it's a cartoon it's not real but they have an image of Israeli soldiers protecting him. So they're basically saying that he has stabbed them in the back and without calling for it they're putting him in that kind of position.

JD: Do you think it's at all possible that that may be followed through on by some Palestinian radical and try and kill the Crown Prince?

IM: Look if he were to travel to the region I'm sure there would be a lot of them who would attempt it, who would be happy to have the opportunity to attempt it I should say. I'm sure he is aware and all precautions can be taken but you never know. They could also try and punish them in other ways. They probably have assets around the world and if they do it could be targeted I wouldn't be surprised.

JD: Itamar Marcus at my broadcast table with the details behind the call by the Palestinian Media of the assassination of the Crown Prince of the UAE.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Because of the recent Peace Accord between the Israelis and the UAE the Palestinian Media is calling the Crown Prince of the UAE a traitor and they are calling for him to be assassinated. The Palestinians cannot believe the Arab world would even consider normalization with the Jewish State of Israel. 

Malachi chapter 1 says that as the Edomites, the Palestinian people of today as the Edomites return to rebuild God will call their borders the borders of wickedness. God also says in Malachi chapter 1 that He will have ending nation against the Palestinian people forever. 

August 25, 2020

The Temple Mount would be a great prize for Saudi Arabia in a Peace Agreement with Israel

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JD: Five different Arab nations that really are considering doing the same thing that the UAE did and make normalization with Israel. Saudi Arabia though earlier this week had made the statement they are not going to do anything as it relates to that until there is a relationship between Israel and the Palestinians and an agreement of some type. However they are thinking there in Israel and even here in the United States that the Temple Mount could be a trading card to entice the Saudi's for a peace agreement. The Saudis control of course Mecca and Madina the number one and number two Islamic holy sites but the third site is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Could that be a trading card to entice the Saudis?

DD: Well it could and there has been speculation in the Israeli media about that this week. There's no doubt that the Saudis are in effect at peace with Israel on the ground. There's diplomatic contacts and are definitely military contacts and again the driving force share fear of Iran, shared concern over Iran's aggression. So the Temple Mount would be a great prize for the Saudis if they could have some sort of greater influence there and whatever. But they did put out that statement earlier this week that until there's a former Israeli - Palestinian peace they won't formally make peace with Israel. 

I would remind them that the PLO signed the peace deal with Israel in 1993 called the Oslo Accords. At that time they didn't as a result recognize Israel or make peace with Israel. They had every chance then to do it. But you mentioned them being the guardians of the holiest sites of Islam and so they are. So they feel that for them to make peace with the Jewish State would be different then Bahrain or Qatar or the UAE because they are the custodians of the holy sites. It would really raise Islamic around the world is what they fear and really give the Iranians another card to bash the Sunni Muslims with. They don't need that at this time.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Temple Mount would be a great prize for Saudi Arabia as a result of a peace agreement with Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Dave revealed in his report the Israelis are considering giving custodial rights to the Temple Mount in exchange for normalizing relations with the Saudis in a possible peace agreement. However you must remember that the Temple Mount is Judaism's most holy site and it will be the site of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. That may well trump any peace agreement because Jesus is jealous for the Temple Mount, that's Zechariah 1:14.  

August 24, 2020

The Israeli - United Arab Emirates Peace Accord may bring about a new Arab Spring

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JD: We were talking about the UAE-Israel deal and it may be the start of a real Arab Spring. Remember the Arab Spring a couple of years ago which ultimately ended up in destruction and the removal of political leaders from their positions of authority. But this United Arab Emirates-Israeli deal may start a new Arab Spring. That sounds like a positive doesn't it?

KT: Well Jimmy yes it would be a very positive thing if it actually happens. It's a bit early yet to know but what we are definitely seeing is a increasingly open and frank divide all across the Middle East not just in the Arab world but in Turkey and Iran as well. And you're having a new alliance begin to emerge where Israel has a growing relationship not just with the United Arab Emirates and that's a landmark agreement by the way, but with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman as well. These are countries that have all applauded the new peace agreement between the UAE and Israel. And I think as this grows your going to see people on the ground in the Middle East demanding that their leaders reject the kind of rejectionism that they had practiced for generations in the past. You can see this even in the Palestinian areas that would be a revolution in itself. 

But as I said the region is splitting into a camp that's working with Israel that is pro western, that is working with the United States and this really pro and neo Ottoman Empire led by Erdogan. Erdogan has been one of those who has vigorously rejected the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He said it's unacceptable and its spitting in the face of the Palestinian people. He wonders publicly, this is in the past but he said is Israel a Hitler more barbarous nobody knows and Persian imperialism sweeping through the region. So those two camps I think they are very important. A peace camp if you wish and a camp of war.

JD: Ken Timmerman on how the new Israeli-UAE Peace Accord in the Middle East may bring about a new Arab Spring.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The recent surprise announcement of the Israeli-UAE Peace Accord caught everybody off guard. There are those who appose this Peace Accord like the Iran, Turkey and the Palestinians. However most of the Arab world are open to normalizing relations with the Jewish State at least for now. However Psalm 83:4 reveals that the Arabs will in the future rise up to wipe Israel off the Earth and that is an absolute.

August 21, 2020

The conflict between the Church and the State over the coronavirus pandemic must be handled in a Christlike manner

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JD: David would you take a moment and give us some real practical things that churches and individual believers need to keep in mind as we all try to work our way through this unchartered waters.

DJ: Well as I said last week Jimmy I think we need to believe the best about one another and stay away from judging motives or even the spirituality of those who choose to handle this differently than we do. And I would extend this to wearing face mask and a lot of other things as well. I do think a lot of this is about control from the side of the government and there are those on both side of the isle who are exploiting this pandemic for their own political purposes and that's not good. I also think that in some cases they may actually be targeting churches even though I think a good case can be made for churches to be essential services as President Trump said in May and we do have Constitutional protections. 

On the other hand concerning obeying God rather than men in context in Acts 5 that was about preaching the gospel specifically and the government isn't forbidding or limiting that as far as I know in any play. And concerning assembling together at the time some Christians in Rome were forced to meet in the catacombs of Rome and secretly in small house groups. It wasn't about having large worship services with hundreds or even thousands in attendance. So I think when we take all of this together as we said last week we need to give other believers some room to come to different conclusions then we do and other churches to handle this as they see fit based on the situation in their area and how the congregation and the leadership of the church sees it. And Jimmy we continue to be in an evolving situation and I think each of us on both sides may think about this differently even in a few months from now.

JD: David James with Bible in hand giving us practical advice on how the church should handle its conflict with the government as concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's advice based upon Biblical truth is key for the church in America to handle any conflict with the dictates from the government. Hebrews 10:25 tells us that we must meet together as the church as we await that next event prophetically the Rapture when Jesus calls us up to be with Him forever. However, remember that Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 that where two or three are gathered together we can worship Him as we await that next event prophetically the Rapture when Jesus calls us up to be with Him forever.

August 20, 2020

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for two Presidents

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JD: Should political leaders be chosen on the bases of their gender and or color of their skin or qualifications to hold the office?

SR: You know that as well as I did. You ran for office at one point in your life Jimmy and we are both very concerned about who we elect and I think all Christians really ought to be. But you know the color of ones skin really has very little next to nothing. It ought to be about character. It ought to be about can you believe them and it ought to be about what is their view on the Constitution. Lets face it they are to take an oath to support the Constitution. Well what do they think of the Constitution? What are their policies and their positions? Do they have a fear of God? That's a great one. Is there any fear of God at all? Because if they have no fear of God then their oath to support the Constitution which is a requirement really doesn't mean anything. All of those things are what come up to me.

JD: Actually Sam I've been thinking about something, when we go to that voting booth to elect a President are we not doing that in two people instead of one person? In other words if somebody votes for Biden are we not voting on a President and his Vice President who would then become President, voting for two Presidents at one time?

SR: I think that is a brilliant brilliant question to ask. For someone who believes in truth and has a logical position the answer would be no you can't be just voting for Joe Biden. I think that's very very clear not just on his age at 76. We know not a political thing but Joe is losing a lot of the comprehension. So no, no one expects him to go through four years. So you really are saying who am I logically linking arms with. It would have to be Kamala Harris and therefore then you really have to ask what does she believe and what have her positions been. Frankly when I go down that road as a Constitutionalist and as a Christian I'm saying its the exact opposite direction that I would even want to consider for a moment.

JD: Sam Rohror helping us to understand how a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the next two Presidents. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's report helps us to see how important our vote is in the future. A President is key to that future. Revelation 17:17 reveals that God uses human government to set the stage for His plan, His will to be fulfilled. Therefore we must take serious how we cast our vote not only for President of the United States but all positions of political power. A candidate for any office must set their agenda according to God's word and what it says about abortion, homosexuality and the Jewish State of Israel. 

August 19, 2020

The Palestinians are totally opposed to the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

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 Talk to me about the agreement but also the Palestinian threat there.

DD: Well Jimmy Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out that Israel and the UAE are the two most advanced societies in the whole region. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed has been very careful over the past few decades to move away from oil. They have the 5th or 6th largest reserves in the world but to move away from that into tourism in particular they have a lot in common and that was pointed out by Netanyahu. As part of the deal he had to agree to postpone annexation indefinitely. The UAE and other of their allies Bahrain and Qatar that support it, Jordan, President Sisi of Egypt supporting it but all saying this is stopped the Israeli annexation and therefore the Israeli aggression and is a great help there for the Palestinians. 

It was Hanan Ashrawi she said we were completely blindsided. The secret dealings have been going on they're now in the open. It's a complete sell out. So they totally reject it and think this will further delay any final Palestinian-Israeli treaty or state appearing. But that's a high price that Netanyahu had to pay. The settler leaders yesterday roundly condemned this deal. They're not liking it at all and it gives another problem for Netanyahu as the government may be going to elections. Some of those people may just stay home or more likely they'll vote for more hardline parties that are against him. So this creates some political problems for him but of course its a great break through for the country as a whole. It's been 26 years now since the last treaty with Jordan and nearly 40 years with Egypt. And of course the PLO itself signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1993 the Oslo Accords. They can't really complain that others are talking to Israel when they've already done it even if they've basically tossed those Accords out in the year 2000.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Palestinians are opposed to the Israeli-UAE peace accord.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli Prime Minister has been working on a peace agreement with the Palestinians for decades and with no success. Now the Prime Minister has decided to make peace with the Arab nations and then work on Palestinian peace. God's word lays out a scenario that will eliminate the Arab Islamic threat, Ezekiel 38:18-39:6. That will leave the Palestinians to be dealt with by the Israeli's during the Tribulation period. At the second coming of Jesus Christ the Lord will allow Israel to defeat the Palestinians, that's Obadiah 17 & 18. 

August 18, 2020

China is preparing for a war with the United States

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JD: Well let's get to the issues Ken that you can develop for us and help us to understand what they may mean on the world scene today. There's word coming out of China, Beijing that the military experts are urging the leadership of China to prepare for war with the United States. Is this simply a preliminary hype or is it really that close?

KT: Well I don't know whether it's that close. But what I can tell you for sure is that you have now an increasingly large contra of officers in the people's libration army who are writing articles on strategy. This is something they do with strategic intent. In other words when they write in their military journals about war with the United States what they are really doing is giving us an inside glimpse to the people's liberation army and they debate these ideas. People think in China there's no debate. There's plenty of debate inside the people's liberation army. You have different strategist saying well we should do this or we should do that or the United States is doing this. 

Now what they are doing is they are saying the United States is preparing for war against China and we must therefore prepare for war with the United States actively. And they are concerned because the United States has once again started to fly B1 bombers to the island of Guam. So just this past week the Chinese had a live firing exercise over a huge portion of the South China Sea off China's coast basically as a warning to the United States which had just conducted an exercise with the carrier Ronald Reagan and a couple of warships from Japan. 

So yes things are heating up and now you have these theorist of the people's liberation army publicly debating exactly how they will defeat the United States. Because that's one thing they all agree on that their goal has to be to defeat the United States.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the story that China is preparing for a war with the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report mentions the two major super powers in our world today, China and the United States. However only one of those super powers is mentioned in Bible prophecy and that would be China which is found as a part of the kings of the east there in Revelation 16:12. Since America is not in Bible prophecy only sanctified speculation would allow me to predict a United States China war. However, I am absolute that China is one of the major players in Bible prophecy, again Revelation 16:12.

August 17, 2020

Israel sets the stage for the appearance of antichrist as the Jewish State normalizes relations with the United Arab Emirates

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JD: History was made when Prime Minister Netanyahu along with the President of the United States Donald Trump and joined by the President of the UAE the United Arab Emirates announced the normalization between the two countries Israel and the UAE. Winkie, give me your first blush thoughts as it relates to the agreement made by the United States, Israel and the UAE.

WM: This has been of course one of the main diplomatic elements that Netanyahu has had offering Israel's alliance in terms of military assistance but also to isolate to a certain extent the issue of the so called problem of Palestine. This issue of the so called problem of Palestine this has always been one of his main planks. The surprise of course is that it just popped up right now. It was well expected that it would eventually sometime it would happen.

JD: We think about several things, the pressure from President Trump on the Prime Minister. What other ramifications might there be with this decision that was just made?

WM: It might seem obvious that Mr. Trump was pressuring Mr. Netanyahu to provide some sort of diplomatic achievement that would help him in his own presidential campaign leading up to November. At the same time Mr. Netanyahu realized over the past few months that without Trump administration input and support no sovereignty anywhere could have been extended to any of the territory in Judea and Samaria if Mr. Trump was not on board. If he ever wants sovereignty he's going to have to have Trump back in the White House so for him maybe it was a pro quo. This way I think Mr. Netanyahu in my opinion will be able to save off any possible collapse of his government. If he's going to have peace let's give him the possibility of doing so and not bring down his government. 

JD: Winkie Medad with the details behind the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In the historical announcement by President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates the world witnessed another peace agreement between the Jewish state and the Arab nations the third such agreement. Egypt, Jordan, and now the United Arab Emirates have peace agreements with Israel. These are all peace agreements that will soon be confirmed not signed but confirmed by the antichrist, that's Daniel 9:27.

August 14, 2020

The American Church is in a battle with the government

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JD: David there's an on going news story that's gained national attention over the last couple of weeks. It's about John MacArthur and his church defying the State government of California in order to gather for the worship services, give us some details please.

DJ: Well many news outlets have been reporting on this and it's all over Facebook as well, people are commenting and posting. Fox News ran an article that carries this headline, "California Pastor defies coronavirus orders despite threat of arrest, new some not the head of the church". But it's also created a lot of devision within the Christian community including among conservative evangelicals. 

JD: I think it would be helpful to pull this all together and maybe give some ideas about how we can think through this in a way that balances this out and reduces the tensions between believers.

DJ: First of all I think we need to believe the best about one another as believers and give each other the benefit of the doubt. You know I've seen a lot of attacks as I've followed this on Facebook and there's been quite a bit of judging of motives with some on really both sides lobbing grenades at the other side by either challenging their lack of faith and accusing them of operating out of either fear or out of a rebellious spirit. 

There are Godly believers on both side who are doing their best to be biblical. Pastors and elders they're trying to lead their congregations in a way that honors the Lord and cares for their communities and the members in their churches and respects government authorities at the same time. Every church is autonomous and responsible to find that right biblical balance within their own states and communities and have the grace to lovingly agree to disagree if we see things differently. The way we all think about this is evolving you and I included. I think we need to give others room to work through this according to their conscious and we should do it without judging motives. 

JD: David James gives us the details on how the United States churches are in a fight among themselves over the dictates of the government. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mostly State governments are telling churches that they cannot hold their services due to the coronavirus pandemic in the traditional way. It has the church against the government. However, that battle has resulted in churches against churches, a battle that must be resolved. Churches must united to win the world to Jesus Christ. In fact that is the only reason that Jesus has not called for the church at the Rapture. 

II Peter 3:9 tells us that Jesus is not slack concerning His promise of the Rapture but He is not willing that any should parish but all come to know Him in salvation. 

August 13, 2020

The Pope has assigned the Virgin Mary to protect the Communist nation of China

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JD: The Pope has committed Mary to protect China, we're talking about communist China. Why did the Pope make that decision?

MG: Well it goes back to an agreement, it's an interim agreement that was signed by the Vatican and the Chinese government back in 2018. Shortly after the interim agreement was signed China continued to demolish Roman Catholic churches and crosses and continues to hold their clergy in detention. But because the Communist party has continued to destroy Catholic churches the Pope came out and said, "we intrust the pastors and faithful of the Catholic church in the great country to the guidance and protection not of God but of our heavenly mother so that they may be strong in the faith and firm and fraternal union". 

The Pope is recognizing that the Catholic church in China is under persecution by the communist government. So rather than intrust to almighty God the sovereign king of the world and universe he intrust the Catholic church to the guidance and protection of Mother Mary. Again an example of how the Roman Catholic church esteems Mary and gives her the attributes of God. We know that God is the only one that has the power to protect anyone on this earth but yet the Catholic church doesn't know the Bible very well. We read in Psalm 148:13, let them praise the name of the Lord for His name alone is exalted, His splendor is above the earth and above the heavens. If Catholics would only read their Bible the truth would set them free from this religious deception that holds them in bondage. Don't listen to the Pope, test everything he says with the authority of God's word.

JD: Mike Gendron giving us the details on why the Pope assigned the mother of Jesus to protect the communist nation of China.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Communist China is under the influence of Satan. As you study Revelation 17 the false church located in Rome you'll see that the false church, a mother son cult, Revelation 17:5,  is also under the influence of satan. The beast mentioned in Revelation 17 is the antichrist. Therefore we see that communist China and the false church in Rome will be satanically controlled in the last days. Both communist China and the Vatican will be major players in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. 

August 12, 2020

Outer space is the new frontier for earthlings to explore

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JD: I want to talk with Don about the recent space travel. A couple of astronauts going up to the space station and spending a few months there and then coming back safely splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Florida. Don, that was an exciting experience. It was an amazing thing.

DD: Well it is exciting Jimmy, exploring the boundaries of the earth. I think we are all interested in exploring near by space.

JD: When we talk about space and we understand what's really going on I'm wondering if this that we are talking about now in rejoicing over the success of is this going to be able to quick start the interest in space again and travel again out there into the high wild blue yonder?

DD: Well yes Jimmy there is kind of a reawakening of space exploration. What's new and what's happening now is that private companies and private enterprise are competing with each other and that's always positive. They're kind of going places that even the government and NASA was not able to do. Things are becoming much more efficient and we continue to learn just the value of orbiting around the earth.

JD: Well and this space is possibly going to be the next frontier. Would you agree with that? And do you see that Biblically its alright for we as people on this earth in this time period should be allowed to go out there and explore this new frontier?

DD: Well yes, you know there are many frontiers. One can go to the depths of the ocean or one can go high in the sky and you can go both directions. In every case I think what we were finding is how special the earth is that it was created for us. It's almost that God has put secrets out there for us to find, to explore, to discover and then apply them as well. It all shows His preparation for us. 

JD: I do know one thing for certain, Don DeYoung and Jimmy DeYoung are going to go past the moon, past Mars, past Jupiter all the way into the third heaven when Jesus Christ shouts at the Rapture of the Church. We'll be doing our space venture at that time won't we Don?

DD: Well that's a great prospective to have Jimmy. Everything we see is God's handy work.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung with details on the new frontier of outer space.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The study of outer space is a major effort by the United States and many other nations of the world. The concern is that many of the nations involved may be preparing to make war from outer space. However, my excitement about outer space is that I will be passing through it on my way to the third heaven at the Rapture.  

August 11, 2020

The terrorist group Hezbollah says that they have an atomic bomb in Haifa, a port city in Israel

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JD: David a disaster taking place in Beirut Lebanon and now there is concern in Haifa right there on the coast a main port city for Israel that something similar could happen. Can you give us any details on that?

DD: There are reports in the Arab and Lebanese media that Hezbollah was behind this that they were storing missiles at that port. Now the chief of Hezbollah Nasrallah said on Friday in a speech denied any involvement. He also said as you mentioned that he knows more about the port of Haifa than he does the port of Beirut. He said, "we have no role in running the port of Beirut but we have studied the enemies port and especially the huge ammonia plant that is there". There was a lot of talks about a possible attack on the ammonia plant in Haifa Bay. 

There are estimates and Nasrallah in 2016 in a speech made reference to a report that had come out in Israel about the dangers of having that ammonia plant there and that it could take 80,000 lives in an explosion I think was the estimate and that was all over the news and Nasrallah quoted it. He said, "we have our own nuclear bomb." He said it's the port of Haifa and the ammonia stored there. He also mentioned the amount of ammonia that they have. 

Now the Israeli environment minister this week right after the explosion in Beirut said we have to move that ammonia out of the urban area. It has to be moved further south and out of any urban areas. It's an extremely real situation Jimmy. It would be a much more powerful explosion than occurred in Beirut probably. And as Nasrallah said it would be like a nuclear explosion. Well the explosion in Beirut was they're saying the most powerful since the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima which is another reason why some think it may have been sabotaged. But Hezbollah on the defense but the residents on northern Israel are much more aware now are reawakened to the danger that this ammonia plant poses in their midst. 

JD: David Dolan with the details behind the statement from Hezbollah that they have an atomic bomb in Haifa Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Hezbollah a surrogate terrorist group for Iran says they are ready to set off an atomic bomb in Israel's port city of Haifa. This threat is evidence that God's prophetic word could be fulfilled very soon. Ezekiel 38:5 and Psalm 83:7 mention Iran and Lebanon which is Hezbollah who both want to wipe Israel off the earth, Prophecy that could be fulfilled today. 

August 10, 2020

The catastrophic explosion in Beirut is still a mystery

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JD: Ken a mystery is swirling around what caused the ammonium nitrate to explode there in Beirut. Can you give us any insight at all?

KT: Well to start with Jimmy the port of Beirut has been controlled by Hezbollah for quite some time. There is some information out there that a Hezbollah team may have been working on a bomb with some of that explosive and connected a detonator improperly. It's called the bozo factory. But then that igniting the entire warehouse. It was not from what we know so far an intentional explosion. It was an accident but it may have been caused by Hezbollah. 

What's interesting is that since this enormous explosion which has got to be the largest non nuclear explosion in the history of the world. Over 2,000 tons, a million pounds of ammonium nitrate everybody is pointing fingers to Hezbollah. We don't know how directly their involved in the actual explosion yet. 

JD: Ken, am I correct that terrorist out there across the world use ammonium nitrate in order to build a bomb to use in their attacks?

KT: Absolutely correct. It's called an antho bomb ammonium nitrate fuel oil. You mix the two together and you get a deadly combination. It's not sure how that happened in Beirut. There has been accidental explosions with ammonium nitrate but this was just unbelievable. Now the other thing we saw in the immediate aftermath when countries in Europe and in particular the French, the Italians and others were sending in aid to Beirut coming into the airport. You had three 747's from Iran run by the Iranian air force controlled by the Iranian air force coming into the Beirut airport. Normally when they do that the Israeli's will take them out because they know they're bringing weapons this time they did not. So the Iranians are clearly in there as well. We don't know what they brought in those 3 747's but its an awful lot of cargo and if they're bringing in humanitarian aid you would think they would be boasting about it and they have not.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details that we know today about the catastrophic explosion in Beirut Lebanon. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report is a precursor type report on how the news will be reported during the Tribulation period. The devastation in Beirut with over 150 people killed and almost 5,000 people injured is a sample, a prototype of the news reporting during the Tribulation. This period is described in Revelation chapters 4-19. 16 chapters of details on that terrible time of judgment to come.

August 07, 2020

The knowledge of when the Church began is essential for our study of Bible prophecy

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JD: Let's start with the definition of the church. Give that explanation first.

DJ: Well first of all we often talk about "going to church or going to the church" and so the average person especially for those in the world the idea of church can mean different things. So for many the church is just a building where people have religious meetings but the Bible never really talks about the building where we meet as a church and only refers to the church as a building in a figurative sense. 

For others the church refers to a particular group that identifies as Christians that's not the way the term is used in the Bible. When we see the term church in our English Bibles its a translation of the greek word ecclesia which is made up of two parts ec which means out and clesia which means called. So in other words a church is a called out group of people called by God into something. We can think of it this way the church is a fellowship of believers who have been called out of the world system and now belongs to the Lord.

JD: Would you say that having a proper understanding of when the church began does make a difference concerning the prophetic truth that you and I teach?

DJ: Well Jimmy I think it's very important and it does make a huge difference in how we understand the word of God. First if we don't have a Biblical understanding of when the church began then we can make the mistake that some do and fail to recognize that believing Israel is the people of God in the Old Testament is not the same as the church in the New Testament. And if we make that mistake we won't understand that the promises that God made to national Israel will be fulfilled in a literal kingdom here on the earth. We will also only think that things only intended only for the nation of Israel apply to the church as well. So that is a big problem with application and interpretation. If we hold that the church began with John the Baptist or Peter's confession in Matthew 16 then we'll likely began confusing the gospel of the kingdom with the gospel of salvation and we would start bringing works into the equation concerning how our sins our forgiven and how we receive eternal life. And it also means you must define a Christian as being something other than someone who was baptized by the holy sprit, into the body of Christ, into the one new man as Paul puts it in Ephesians 2 whether they be Jew or Gentile. So there are so many things this touches on. We need to get this right in order to correctly understand the prophetic word of God. 

JD: David James with a Biblical understanding of when the church began.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

My conversation with David James on when the church began is key for our understanding of God's prophetic word. God gives us the prophetic truth for the future so that we can be prepared for that future and be ready for the Rapture and event that can happen at any moment even today. 

August 06, 2020

China has a nuclear weapon that could destroy the society of America

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JD: Communist China has moved to the point that they would like to be number one militarily in this world. What is China doing over these last couple of decades? 

PP: Well they may already be number one. In the whole war there was a theory of escalation dominance which still applies today. Regardless of the balance of conventional forces the ocean of escalation dominance was that nation which has the most nuclear weapons with basically dominate confrontation because nuclear weapons are the most advanced technology the most destructive technology known to man. This theory was proved by the US victory during the Cold War. 

You know we have assumed that China is inferrer to the United States in nuclear weapons. The estimate has been over many decades that they've only got about 300 long range strategic nuclear weapons. That has gone unchallenged but that could be wrong. China could actually have more nuclear weapons than the United States but hidden away. Are intelligence focus had been on the Soviet Union and then on Russia. We didn't pay that much attention to the size and sophistication of China's nuclear arsenal. One Russian General estimated that instead of 300 weapons China might have 3,000 weapons. 

I published a report called China EMP Threat that proves that China has been planning nuclear EMP attacks against the United States for 25 years and that his is incorporated in the nuclear strategy. They probably have a technological advantage over us and having super EMP weapons. It's a category of a nuclear weapon that's designed particular for making EMP. This is the electro magnetic pulse that's detonated at high altitude over the United States single weapon could blackout the whole North American electric grid and the EMP fields are so strong for a super weapon that it could destroy the electronics in the missiles and bombers and destroy our communications capabilities with submarines. Even electronics that have been hardened that is protected against the EMP from normal nuclear weapons.

JD: Dr. Peter Pry with the details on how China today could destroy the society of America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Pry said that China has had the possibility of a nuclear weapon to attack America for over 25 years. That threat of such an attack could indeed make China in the position of being the number one military power in our world today. Bible prophecy does mention China as a player in the last days, that's Revelation 16:12. China will be one of those kings of the east and China is ready to fulfill that Bible prophecy today.

August 05, 2020

Iran and Hezbollah prepare to attack Israel

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JD: David Dolan, our Middle East news update from David and always a very essential report to hear. Jerusalem right now assessing Hezbollah there in the North of the state right there at Lebanese-Israeli border. A new attack they believe possibly very soon, what do we know?

DD: Yes there's been more tension this week and more build up to conflict there not only along the border between the forces that are still very very beefed up. We have a statement from Hezbollah earlier in the week Jimmy that the incident where they attempted to infiltrate into a Jewish town. They said they would repeat that, that that was not the end of the revenge that they're seeking for the death of a senior Hezbollah commander in a Israeli air strike south of Damascus in about ten days ago or so now that they will continue to launch attacks and that this isn't over. So the Israeli's are taking that statement quite seriously and they are continuing to beef up their forces. 

Meanwhile of course in Iran we've had more anti-American and anti-Israel drills by the Revolutionary Guard attacking a mock American aircraft carrier. Of course the actually is in that area and can be attacked. And most importantly they show pictures of firing underground missiles for the first time testing underground hidden missiles and firing those out into the sea. In fact a couple of them landed pretty close to US bases making them go on full military alert which the Iranians later boasted about. So a lot of tension there. 

Plus we had a report that they launched a cyber attack and the Iranian group on Israeli trains. That occurred in January soon after Soleimani was killed by Israeli aircraft. They said that they hit over 20 train stations and they put out a statement this week about it saying we can do this and we may do it again. We can actually cause the trains to turn around and collide and hit each other and destroy them and kill people. So the war continues. 

JD: David Dolan with the details on how Iran and Hezbollah prepare to attack the Jewish state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report alerts us to the fact that Iran and its proxy Hezbollah are preparing to attack Israel which was actually foretold 2,500 years ago by the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel. Prophecy is prewritten history that is playing out in our world today. My proof? Iran and Hezbollah at Israeli's northern border. God's word will indeed be fulfilled.

August 04, 2020

Turkish President Erdogan declares Jihad on all non-Muslims

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JD: Ken let's get now to some of the issues I want to cover with you. Turkey, our good ole buddy Tayyip Erdogan is at it again. He has openly declared that a commitment on his mind as it relates to Jihad on all non-Moslems. That sounds like he's taking on the world does it not?

KT: Well it's pretty extraordinary Jimmy that Erdogan makes this kind of statements in addresses that he makes to the Turkish people or on Turkish television or on radio domestic and nobody seems to pay any attention to it. Nobody here in the West seems to pay any attention to it. 

What you're referring to here was an address he made that celebrated the transformation of Hagia Sophia that Eastern Christian greatest Church again into a mosque. They held Moslem prayer ceremonies inside the church. And he celebrated it by referring back to some of the greatest dictators and genocidal maniacs of Turkish history celebrating them and basically telling the Turkish people that I Tayyip Erdogan am going to do the same thing they did and slaughter Christians and slaughter the infidels, it's really pretty extraordinary. Here's what he said, he quoted a Turkish poet in this address and he says, Hagia Sophia old magnificent temple do not worry the grandchildren of Mohammad Al Faulty, who was a leader of Turkey one of the sultans back in the 15th century, will overthrow all the Christian idols and convert you into a mosque. He goes on to say that we will continue to slaughter the infidels. I really do not understand why the Western media and even the State Department does not pay more attention to this because this is serious stuff coming from a significant world leader such as Erdogan. 

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the pronouncement from Turkish President Erdogan that he has decided to kill all non-Moslems.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan has been a radical Islamist for many many years. He has a desire to be the Pan Islamic leader of the Moslem world and also revive the Ottoman Empire. Now he is calling to kill all non-Moslems. He is moving closer to fulfilling his ambitions. 

The prophetic passages in the Bible Ezekiel 38:2 & 6 reveal that Turkey will indeed be a radical player in the last days. The proof? Tayyip Erdogan and his declaration to kill all non-Moslems.

August 03, 2020

The destruction of two Jewish Temples gives hope for a Third Jewish Temple

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JD: Winkie will you please explain to the Christians listening in to the broadcast today what Tisha B'av is all about and what does it represent?

WM: Jimmy the Jewish people in the land of Israel of course developed various religious and cultural practices and the fact that we were centered around a Temple sacrificial form of worship. Therefore the Temple was extremely central to our national ethnic religious existence in the land of Israel. However, twice the Temple was destroyed. Once by Babylonians and second time by the Romans. In our tradition those events were basically of course catastrophic. In our tradition both of those events took place on the 9th of Av.

JD: And that Temple will indeed be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Talk to me about the preparations that have been made for building that Temple, all the implements, all the training of the priest etc. Let us know what has been prepared.

WM: There has been made a major effort over the past decade. We have the Temple Institute which deals with trying to visualize and actually make examples of all the Temple implements from alters to instruments that we use to carry the sacrifices, or the Temple clothing of the priest. All these are being done and are growing I would say almost everyday.

JD: One final question for you Winkie and I'm serious about this. Do you believe that the Jewish prayers could be answered and there be a Temple on the Temple Mount by next Tisha B'av?

WM: Almost anything can happen in Jerusalem.

JD: God does have a plan He will fulfill it will he not Winkie?

WM: That's what we believe. That's what we work for. That's what's been actually true in the past and it should be in the near future.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details on how the destruction of two Jewish Temples gives the Jews hope for a third Temple in this coming year.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

My conversation with Winkie Medad helps us to understand how the Jews today can look for their third Temple to be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this coming year. Their prayers fit the prophetic scenario that is found in Daniel 9:27 and Matthew 24:15. These are scriptures for telling a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in the near future. Since all preparations have been made for that Temple we can expect it very soon.