August 06, 2020

China has a nuclear weapon that could destroy the society of America

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JD: Communist China has moved to the point that they would like to be number one militarily in this world. What is China doing over these last couple of decades? 

PP: Well they may already be number one. In the whole war there was a theory of escalation dominance which still applies today. Regardless of the balance of conventional forces the ocean of escalation dominance was that nation which has the most nuclear weapons with basically dominate confrontation because nuclear weapons are the most advanced technology the most destructive technology known to man. This theory was proved by the US victory during the Cold War. 

You know we have assumed that China is inferrer to the United States in nuclear weapons. The estimate has been over many decades that they've only got about 300 long range strategic nuclear weapons. That has gone unchallenged but that could be wrong. China could actually have more nuclear weapons than the United States but hidden away. Are intelligence focus had been on the Soviet Union and then on Russia. We didn't pay that much attention to the size and sophistication of China's nuclear arsenal. One Russian General estimated that instead of 300 weapons China might have 3,000 weapons. 

I published a report called China EMP Threat that proves that China has been planning nuclear EMP attacks against the United States for 25 years and that his is incorporated in the nuclear strategy. They probably have a technological advantage over us and having super EMP weapons. It's a category of a nuclear weapon that's designed particular for making EMP. This is the electro magnetic pulse that's detonated at high altitude over the United States single weapon could blackout the whole North American electric grid and the EMP fields are so strong for a super weapon that it could destroy the electronics in the missiles and bombers and destroy our communications capabilities with submarines. Even electronics that have been hardened that is protected against the EMP from normal nuclear weapons.

JD: Dr. Peter Pry with the details on how China today could destroy the society of America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Pry said that China has had the possibility of a nuclear weapon to attack America for over 25 years. That threat of such an attack could indeed make China in the position of being the number one military power in our world today. Bible prophecy does mention China as a player in the last days, that's Revelation 16:12. China will be one of those kings of the east and China is ready to fulfill that Bible prophecy today.