June 26, 2018

The worst kept secret in military preparedness is that Israel has a nuclear weapon of mass destruction

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JD: The article that I read said it was the worst kept secret that was that Israel has nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Did you tell me it was Shimon Peres who allotted to that and what about the fact that Israel does have nuclear weapons of mass destruction?

DD: Oh I’m certain of it Jimmy. I’ve worked over there for 33 years in journalism with CBS for about a third of that time and we had access to quite a few source and talked to a lot of people. But no it was Prime Minister who in a German interview with a magazine a few years ago he stated that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons. So that’s how it came out to be confirmed. They have them, they don’t want to use them they make clear all the time that they won’t be; this is the statement they always use Jimmy it’s a past statement they always say it, we will not be the first to introduce weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Meaning, we will not be the first to use them. They won’t come out of the blue from us and then you may respond the way you will. But if they go on to say if we are hit by such weapons we will respond.

I remember when Lieberman said we would wipe out Damascus that was actually years ago. This isn’t the current situation that was in 1996 when Netanyahu opened the tunnel near the Western Wall and there was rioting everywhere. And it was happening in Syria and Syria was threatening to hit Israel militarily and he said we will wipe out Damascus. Well recently as you noted they said we can take the regime completely out. So, they’re saying we have them, they don’t want to use them, they dread using them but they will use them if they feel it’s the only way they can survive. The Israeli nation is not going to go down in any way without a massive fight and it’s neighbors, friends, and foes need to realize that.

JD: David Dolan with details behind the Israeli nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

World military leaders always discuss whether Israel has a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. The Israeli government has never confirmed that the Israeli defense force does have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. I do know that the Israeli’s want their enemies the Arabs and the Moslems to think the IDF has those nuclear weapons. This is a deterrent to any attack on the Jewish State. However, students of Bible prophecy know that weapons of mass destruction will not protect the Jewish State. Ezekiel 38:18-39:6 says that the Lord will protect the Jewish people in the end times.