February 17, 2021

The International Criminal Court has accused Israel of "war crimes", actually they should have charged the Palestinian terrorists

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JD: Tell me what the charges are and who they may be charging for whatever they think is a criminal activity?

WM: Well Jimmy the authorities of Palestine claim that Israel engages in what could be called war crimes. According to Geneva convention 1949 you can't expel people, you can't kick people out of their homes. The whole slew of Arab propaganda and of course ignoring that if it wasn't for Arab terror it wouldn't be doing anything at all. So this was moved over several years and has become very political. For example, the prosecutor who was in charge actually served as a legal assistant to a dictator in Central Africa. They decided Mr. Benny Gantz is a war criminal if he lands tomorrow in Frankfurt Germany or Paris France he could be arrested.

JD: Now Benny Gantz is the Minister of Defense and so he's the person I guess being charged with what war crime and actually does the ICC have jurisdiction?

WM: Well to answer the second question first its very simple they say Mr. so and so is guilty of a war crime, he ordered the bombing of a school and we find him guilty. Therefore if he lands up in a country that is part of the ICC in Europe for example, that state is compelled to arrest him and turn him over to authorities. But in any case now to just moving into a court room in order to gain favor for the Arabs of Palestine who of course we all know have been the ones responsible to anything we do because they are the ones who have originally firing off the rockets, or shooting, or placing bombs, or tunneling under the border etc. 

JD: Winkie Medad explaining who the ICC should be charging with war crimes.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The ICC, International Criminal Court charging Israel with war crimes is basically an expansion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This partnership between the ICC and the Palestinian Authority is tangible evidence of how the Palestinian leaders will go to any extreme to attack the Jewish state. It's that continuing conflict between Esau and Jacob dating back some 4,000 years ago to Genesis 25. This conflict will continue until the return of Jesus Christ, that's Obadiah verses 15-18.