February 19, 2018

Russia says that it will protect Israel if the Jewish state is attacked by Iran

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JD: A quite interesting statement coming from a Russian official if Iran should attack Israel that Russia would stand with Israel. According to the scriptures I don’t think that’s the case but is that a viable possibility that Russia would stand to protect Israel the Jewish State of Israel against an attack from Iran? Is it real?   

DD: Well I would be more confident that that was a true sentiment if they were doing anything to curb Iran’s power in site of Syria that they basically now control but they’re not. They’re allowing these Iranian bases to be constructed there’s several of them. Israel hit of course a number of them and did a lot of damage but they’re allowing that.

You said a number of Iranian Revolutionary guards but Jimmy its tens of thousands and we’re hearing in one report that it may be up to two hundred thousand Iranian soldiers that are already operating in Syria. So, the proof on the ground doesn’t show much sympathy for Israel. They know that Iran has vowed to destroy the Jewish state to wipe out Tel Aviv and we know they have this surrogate force right on the border of Hezbollah with a hundred and sixty thousand missiles and rockets.

But on the other hand Jimmy I don’t think Putin wants to see Iran attack Israel at this time. He has a delicate situation at home he’s facing elections as you know there. He doesn’t necessarily want another hot war raging right at this time and that of course is what would happen. And of course there’s over a million Jews that have come from the former Soviet Union living in Israel. He would be allowing these Iranian forces to slater a bunch of native Russian people. It’s going to be a tough choice but I don’t think they’re going to encourage any sort of attack but we know they’re going to back Syria whatever happens. Iran is another question but we know they’re going to back Syria because they’re where Russia has air and naval bases on the western coast of Syria so that’s a given.

JD: David Dolan with details behind our hard to believe headline.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

I mentioned in the headline that it’s almost unbelievable that Russia would come to the aid of Israel if the Jewish state comes under attack by the Iranian Islamic Republic. I make that statement based upon my knowledge of the prophetic passages of God’s word. In Ezekiel 38:2 it mentions Magog which is modern day Russia. That passage of prophetic truth indicates that what will really happen is that Russia will lead a coalition of Middle Eastern Islamic states in an effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, that’s God’s word and it is absolute.