November 14, 2017

Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are in a conflict that could lead to an all out war in the Middle East

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JD: Lebanon for example the Prime Minister Hariri has resigned but he did it not from Lebanon he did it in Saudi Arabia and there are questions as to whether he is being held captive there. What do you know about this?

KT: Jimmy I don’t know of any other case where a Prime Minister has fled the country to resign. He has always had close ties to the Saudis. The fact that he would resign in a press conference in Saudi Arabia instead of in Lebanon shows one of two things either he really is under house arrest as some people have suggested or he was so afraid of an Iranian threat to murder him that he decided to leave the country.  

JD: Saudi Arabians are making the statement that Lebanon has declared war on the kingdom.

KT: That’s correct and they said that after the Hariri resignation announcement. We’re getting very very close to an open hot war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, that’s what’s going on here. Right after Saad Hariri announced his resignation Iranian’s launched a missile against the airport at Riyadh. They did it from Houthi control Yemen but the Iranians control the missile launchers. The Saudi’s managed to intercept the missiles and destroy it. That is an act of war and it’s an amazing event. So, I think we’re really getting very close to a hot war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There is a behind the scenes agreement between the Saudi’s and Israel where they will work together against Hezbollah and against Iran. So, you could have in this hot war between Iran and Saudi Arabia you could have Israel working with the Saudi’s against Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is a very different Middle East then it was 20 years ago Jimmy.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the potential war between Lebanon and the Saudis.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Middle Eastern nation of Lebanon is very unstable right now because of the presence of Islamic control radical terrorist organization Hezbollah which is located there in Southern Lebanon. The resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri while in Saudi Arabia has caused some great concern. It may indicate there is bad blood between these two Middle Eastern nations.

The Saudi’s have gone as far as to say that Lebanon has declared war with Saudi Arabia. Psalm 83:6 & 7 mentions both of these Middle Eastern nations in an end game scenario that will be played out in the future. The Ishmaelite’s in verse 6 would be Saudi Arabia and verse 7 mentions Tyre which today Lebanon.

The end game of this prophecy is focused on the destruction of Israel but right now the Saudis and Lebanese are in a conflict.