February 03, 2020

The Trump Middle East Peace Plan has been presented with barely a mention about Jerusalem and what God's Peace Plan will be for the Jews and the Palestinians

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JD: Winkie I also did not hear anything about actually the Temple Mount. What should be the plan calling for as it relates to the Temple Mount?

WM: Well Jimmy actually I managed to go very quickly through the 181 pages and I found two references and they're a bit contradictory. One says that the status quo remains. And as you and I have discussed this many many times unfortunately that status quo says Jews cannot pray. In the second reference it says that peoples of all faith should be able to pray. Well I'm a person of faith, you're a person of faith. So perhaps we two people of faith will finally get a possibility of doing something on the Temple Mount which is of religious character. The Temple Mount has a shared history through the three faiths.

JD: You and I both are students of the Bible Winkie we know ultimately what's going to happen. The Messiah will come there will be a Temple on the Temple Mount there will be peace on the earth, Isaiah tells us that. But ultimately the future is absolute from God's prophetic word. But between now and then it's going to be pretty tough do you not think?

WM: Tough, this is a possibility but you mentioned Isaiah. In Isaiah chapter 2 says that all people, all nations will come to the Temple Mount to pray. We are open to sharing as you said what is in the books is going to be. I hope they read our books like we read theirs and they come to the realization that the better for everybody in this area would be to make peace.

JD: Winkie Medad with what the Trump Middle East Peace plan says about Jerusalem and without any mention of God's Peace Plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The city of Jerusalem and its status for the future is an essential element in any peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. II Samuel 7 says that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people forever. By the way that's the Davidic Covenant, an unbreakable covenant.

God made the promise to King David which Jeremiah the ancient Jewish prophet confirmed and he said in Jeremiah 33:20 & 21 if you can destroy the night and the day then I will break my promises to King David and the Jewish people. The Trump Peace Plan is simply a step along the way for God's plan for the future.