January 31, 2017

President Trump has called for all radical Moslems to be eliminated; however, there is one problem, all true Moslems are radical

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JD: During the Trump inauguration speech he made a statement basically that he was going to eradicate the radical Islamist. What’s their reaction to this threat from the new President Donald Trump?

UD: The Moslem world, they have too many different opinions. Some say bring it on, literally. They’re excited; they would love for us to go to war with them for the hope that we will go fight man to man on the field. Which means they think they’re going to preform jihad by killing all the Americans will ever try to accomplish in that goal.

But it’s a chaos in the Middle East you wont get one solid opinion from all the Moslems. Some want it and some say no please don’t do it.    

JD: I remember you saying on this broadcast, and to me a that there’s no such thing as a moderate Moslem they’re all radicals. So is the President saying he’s going to wipe out the entire Islamic world since they are supposed to be radicals?

UD: If he meant by the word radical Moslems, the Moslems who are practicing the teaching of the Koran, those who are willing to die for Allah to kill the last Jew, and the last Christian, and the last infidel, then he is right. But we have to understand that there are plenty of Moslems in the world and there are plenty of Christians in the world who know nothing about Islam. I call them deceived Moslems; they think Islam to be what it’s not. 

Most of the people if you talk to them they have never heard of the Koran, they don’t know anything about Muhammad, they are just Moslem because they were born in a Moslem family, and this is what I call the deceived Moslem who literally believe Islam Islamist is Muhammad is a wonderful guy. When these people come to know the true teaching of the Koran and the true teaching of Islam they immediately leave Islam, they call themselves in the Arabic world al-almani means they believe in signs they don’t believe in God. Hundreds of thousands in fact millions of Moslems are leaving Islam. These are great targets for the Christians to share the gospel with and lead them to Christ.

JD: Usama Dakdok with some very important details on that story.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know the word Moslem or Islam, these two words are not used in the Bible. However, the nations that are listed in Daniel 11, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38 that want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth have one common denominator, they are all Moslems.

Islam says that all non-believers must convert or be eliminated. The nations in Psalm 83, Daniel 11, and Ezekiel 38 have one plan, to destroy the Jewish state so that their name will be forgotten forever, that’s Psalm 83:4.

The alignment of the Moslem nations is ready to try to eradicate the Jews from the earth today which will fulfill Bible Prophecy.