February 27, 2017

VX Nerve Gas, a chemical weapon of mass destruction, has surfaced in North Korea, and in Iraq, in the possession of Islamic State terrorist

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JD: Kim Yong Nam who is the brother of the North Korean leader seemingly assassinated and in fact he was killed with VX nerve gas, which the United Nations called a weapon of mass destruction.

KT: And we’re learning the details of this because the Malaysian government held the body. They’re the ones who released the results that he was killed by VX nerve gas.

Now VX is a very sophisticated nerve gas; it is the most potent one known to man that has been weaponized. Saddam Hussein had it in Iraq. This killing shows without any doubt whatsoever that the North Korean’s have VX gas and they’ve used it.

JD: This VX nerve gas according to the United Nations it’s labeled a weapon of mass destruction second only to a nuclear weapon. Am I correct on that?

KT: Right, and it’s extremely potent. One drop on the skin is enough to kill a person.

JD: We do know that Saddam had VX nerve gas. In fact, he used it to kill thousands of Kurd’s in the northern part of Iraq. Could Islamic state and I have read reports that they have found that VX nerve gas produced by Saddam’s regime they’ve found it, they have it; that would make them a dangerous opponent.

KT: They have discovered small stock piles of various chemical weapons agent left behind by Saddam clearly they had knowledge of where he had left stock piles of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

JD: Ken Timmerman in Washington with this alarming story on VX nerve gas, a chemical weapon of mass destruction.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know the reality that North Korea and Islamic state in Iraq has VX nerve gas a weapon of mass destruction is understandable when you know the end of times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.

North Korea must be included in the group referred to as the kings of the east in Revelation 16:12. Islamic state is not referred to in Bible prophecy but Iraq, the headquarters today for Islamic state, is mentioned in Revelation chapters 18 & 16 starting in verse 17 and following.

Just prior to the return of Jesus Christ the kings of the east go to Jerusalem to try and stop the Messiah from returning to earth. In fact, the last thing Jesus does before He does come back to the earth is destroy Babylon, that’s Revelation 18:10,17,19.

VX nerve gas on the scene today is evidence that Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled.