October 19, 2015

Palestinian officials deny the Koran in order to declare there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

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For years, the PA leaders have denied Jewish history both in ancient Judea and Samaria and in Jerusalem in particular with historical revisionism centering on the denial that a Jewish Temple ever existed in Jerusalem as they consistently refer to the Temple as the alleged temple.

This Palestinian claim that the temple never existed contradicts the Koran where it mentions in Cirra 17:2-7 the destruction of both the first and second Jewish temples in Jerusalem. The Palestinians accuse Israel of forging a false Jewish history in order to Judaize the Temple Mount so they can destroy al Aqsa Mosque and build a Jewish temple on this holy site.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The Palestinian claim that there never was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem is a contradiction of history and archaeological record and it does set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For years, the propaganda of the Palestinian leadership in Israel has been focused on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the declaration that there has never been a Jewish temple on this holy site sacred to the Jewish people. Palestinian claims of the Jews forging Jewish history for the Temple Mount are in the face of impeccable Jewish and Christian sources, plus these claims go against the archaeological record documented for this area.

In fact, these claims by the Palestinians of no temple in Jerusalem contradict the statements of Jesus Christ who not only taught on the Temple Mount at the temple, but predicted in Matthew 24:2 that the temple would be destroyed as it was in 70AD by the Roman army. These Palestinian statements about the Temple Mount not being Jewish denies their own holy book, the Koran, but also confirms the prophetic scenario for the last days that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Zechariah, the ancient Jewish prophet, revealed the future when he wrote that Jerusalem will be the center of controversy in the end times, Zechariah 12:2. He also wrote of another Jewish temple that will be built there on the temple Mount in Jerusalem by the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Zechariah 6:12.

Palestinian claims aside, Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.