May 10, 2018

The Palestinians at the Gaza border will remember their "Day of Catastrophe" at the end of their "March of Return"

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JD: First of all update us on what is going on on this March of Return explain a little bit for those who may not understand what it is and tell us about what’s happening.

IM: The Hamas from Gaza they want to bring tens of thousands of people to the gates around Gaza and then on May 14th have them all crash the gates and try to come across into Israel. And of course there will be many terrorists among them. There will be civilians with terrorist near them and Israel won’t even know who’s a terrorist and who’s a civilian. That is there plan.

What they’ve done now is every Friday they’ve been having these dry runs and every Friday they’re trying to see what works better. The latest terror tactic that they’re using is they’ve been sending over kites with bottles of burning gasoline over toward the fields of the Israeli farmers. But to give a warning today they said from now on they’re going to see these as they see missiles, as they see real terror. Fires can kill people they have to see it as terror and they have to treat it as terror.

JD: What I was going to say it’s probably going to be a real hot time there at the northern most point of the Gaza Strip on May 14th, which is of course the day according to the Christian calendar the day of the announcement to the world of the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel or in their estimation it’s called Nakba Day is it not?

IM: Yes it is, it’s called the catastrophe then they call it creation of Israel catastrophe. The reason of course it was a catastrophe was because their own leaders didn’t accept Israel and decided to go to war. Had they accepted Israel they would have had a Palestinian state already for 70 years and with Israel as their neighbor they probably would have been thriving more than any other Arab state in the Middle East. But they chose war and they have chosen war since then and we’ve had 70 years of war and terror because of it. The catastrophe again is self-imposed catastrophe on the Palestinians by their leaders.

JD: Itamar Marcus with an update on the Palestinian March of Return and the Nakba Day.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a 4,000-year-old conflict between Jacob and Esau, Genesis chapter 25. Today it is known as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jacob became the Jewish people, Esau the Palestinians. Malachi chapter 1, Ezekiel 35, and the little book of Obadiah are the prophetic passages that foretold this conflict which will be resolved when Jesus Christ returns to the earth. The stage for this conflict to be resolved is set and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.