March 07, 2018

Israel is preparing to go to war at it's northern border

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JD: There is news coming out of the North Israel is now preparing to go to war up there at its northern border. Give us some more information.

DD: Well Jimmy there’s been a late development that’s very ominous indeed and that is the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri he’s announced that he’s going to be siding with Hezbollah and backing Iran. He sees the power of Hezbollah he sees the growing power of Iran and Russia etc. in the area and he has decided to change sides. Certainly means that the Lebanese army under the control of the overall government with the Prime Minister again being Hariri a Sunni Moslem they may now be ordered to join in any Hezbollah attack against Israel.

We also have Jimmy growing evidence that some of the refugees from Ghouta east of Damascus are making their way down to the Golan border and are hoping to come into Israel. Well Israel just can’t cope with tens of thousand of Syrian refugees right now coming into the Golan so that’s another late development that’s worrying them but the region is extremely tense and it could be trouble at anytime. 

We’ve had more bellicose statements from Iran during the week. And of course we’ve had Vladimir Putin announcing that he’s got these magnificent new nuclear weapons that can go around mountains and do all sorts of evasive tactics and under water rockets as well and all these different things so very ominous development. The Israelis don’t want to get into a war that involves Russia certainly but it’s looking increasingly like a more bellicose. Russia is also more on the warpath and will fully probably back Hezbollah and Syria in any conflict with Israel.

JD: David Dolan on the details behind the Israeli preparations to go to war at its northern border.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan’s report is simply telling the truth about an Israeli war at its northern border with Syria and Lebanon. That is factual information which has a similarity to the prophetic scenario found in the Bible. If you will compare this report with Psalm 83:7 where it mentions Tyre modern day Lebanon as one of the participants to attack the Jewish state.

Also, in Ezekiel 38 you see Russia, Iran, and Turkey all mentioned and they’re at Israel’s northern border in Israel as well. And then you must remember Syria that would be mentioned in Daniel 11:40 and referred to as the King of the North that’s Syria and that’s where these other nations are ready to go after the Jewish state of Israel that’s the reason they’re preparing for war at their northern border. These prophecies will be fulfilled and possibly in the very near future.