April 22, 2021

The religious element of the body politic of the Jewish State of Israel is refusing to take the Corona Virus vaccine

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SR: Jimmy I begin to note the nation of Israel because the leading nation in the world in regard to taking this vaccine was Israel. Back in December Benjamin Netanyahu went on the record of saying that he had agreed to enter into an agreement with Pfizer that in his words, in Netanyahu's words that Israel would be the laboratory. He used those words. The laboratory for the clinical trail effectively of this what they would call the vaccination. 

When I read it I thought that's a very strange thing Netanyahu. Why in the world are you entering into an agreement? How can you do that first of all with your people. His goal was "we're going to demonstrate to the world that we are courageous and bold and we are going to step up and take this vaccine, we'll become the most vaccinated country in the world and we will lead the nations of the world back to normalcy." I thought I don't like the sound of that because when I think of Israel there's no man that has led Israel to prominence but God Himself has been the defender and the leader to Israel. The only reason they're there now is because of God Himself not because of any one individual. I thought that was kind of an arrogant statement.  After that fact now we know that about 70% of Israelis have been vaccinated. But the only group that has not taken it that has really resisted it has been the ultra religious, the Orthodox, and those in Mecca. The religious Jews have said no we cannot. They have resisted strongly. 

Israel has already proceeded to the point of what they call a green passport. It's a proof of vaccination. They are implementing it to the point now that if you do not have your vaccination then we will prevent you from going to a whole host of other areas that people would normally go to. You cannot go. The result of that is you have many Israeli's stepping up.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining the fact that the religious Jews many of them in Israel are refusing to take the Corona virus vaccine.

We report this information because it may well be setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

It is very interesting to me that religious Jews in particular those in Israel are refusing the Corona virus vaccine. They fear what may happen in the future to those who take the vaccine. In light of that I would remind you of Revelation 7 which reveals that God will select 12,000 Jews, male virgin Jews from the 12 tribes of Israel, a 144,000 of male virgin Jews to go across the world preaching the gospel of the Kingdom during the seven year Tribulation period. My question, could those refusing to take the vaccine be a part of that 144,000?