March 13, 2018

Islamic leaders are calling for Jews to be killed in Israel and the United States

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JD: Tayyip Erdogan who is the President of Turkey calling for the organization of Islamic countries to put together an army of Islam and to attack the Jewish state. He’s getting very active in his discuss with Israel and their presence in the Middle East.

KT: Okay, he has been for quite some time. Remember he was behind the so-called Gaza flotilla that went and violently encountered the Israeli defense forces off the coast of Gaza. Erdogan is trying to pitch himself as the next Gulen. He wants to revive the Islamic caliphate. He is trying to convince other leaders of other Moslem countries that Turkey should be in the forefront front and this particular call issued earlier this week was absolutely astonishing.

Erdogan’s allies are calling on the organization of Islamic cooperation, which is the organization that regroups the fifty-seven Islamic nations around the world to form a joint Islamic army to fight Israel. I mean that is astonishing. Erdogan and Turkey are supposed to be NATO allies but this is a call to war. This is not criticizing Israel for something that might have happened this is a call to war. A military jihad, a jihad against Israel. This is not something that the US or any of our allies should sit back and just listen to or dismiss as some ideal blabbering. 

JD: What about here in the United States? I understand Moslems are calling for murder. What do you know about that?

KT: Well this has been going on for some time but more recently just over the past couple of months Jimmy you have Ammons at mosque in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas calling for their faithful to murder Jews and they site the famous hadith that says the last hour there’s a tree that’s speaking to the Moslem he said there’s a Jew hiding behind me go and kill him referenced to the Islamic eschatology every Moslem anywhere around the world knows that it is a call to murder Jews. The fact that this happening in the United States I hope that’s going to change as Jeff Sessions the Attorney General Ammons like this. This is a call to anti-Semitic violence.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the call for Moslems to kill Jews in Israel and in the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Islamic jihad is a doctrine of the Islamic faith. Bible prophecy revealed through ancient Jewish prophets that this would be the case killing every Jew on earth the command from the Islamic faith. The prophets revealing that information is Daniel, Ezekiel, and John the apostle. The Islamic world is now ready to fulfill these prophecies.