December 18, 2018

Iran may go nuclear so that they can take over the entire Middle East, but Israel will stop that from happening

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JD: Why Iran may go nuclear? Now that’s kind of a question it says hey Iran is going here’s why.

KT: Well the logic being used by this writer is that Iran’s ambiguous nuclear policy today is not serving their interest. I frankly think that’s a bit of a stretch and I’m not quite sure the Mullahs think in those terms. They don’t think like us, they don’t think in terms of deterrents. They think in terms of their long term goal which is to impose Islam on the world and to be the head of a new Islamic caliphate.

We’ve spoken many times on this program about the implicit completion between Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia each of whom wants to be the head of a worldwide Islamic caliphate. I believe that the Iranians see nuclear weapons as something that they can ultimately introduce as a terror weapon without attribution back to them.

JD: And I love the statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He said, Israel is the bull work against Iran taking over the entire Middle East and then ultimately the entire world. I think that’s pretty much on target.   

KT: Israel is the bull work against Obama’s war. Those Iranian supplied missiles from Gaza aimed at Israel. Iranian supplied missiles in Lebanon amid at Israel. Iranian supplied missiles in Syria controlled by Hezbollah and other groups all aimed at Israel. We just happen to be closer. Israel is closer to Iran and they might be the little Satan but they’re right there on the front line and they’re the ones restraining Iranian actions not the Russians. The Russians use to be restraining them and since the shot down of the Russian plane by the Syrians in September Putin is no longer restraining Iran in Syria. This is a really big shift in strategy.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details why Iran will indeed develop a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The belief of world leaders is that Iran will get a nuclear weapon of mass destruction that will help them take over the Middle East and possibly the entire world. That’s the Iranian game plan for today and into the near future. However, Bible prophecy says that Iran will only be a partner in the alignment of nations, Ezekiel 38, who will move to control the world. Ezekiel 38:18 through 39:6 reveals that alignment which includes Iran will be wiped out within 6 months of the time that they move against the Jewish State of Israel. God’s plan this scenario will indeed be fulfilled.