July 11, 2013

The EU has added the 28th member state with a possibility of many more states to be added to this economic political power

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Croatia has become the 28th member state of the EU and the EU says they may add additional member states in the future. Broadcast partner Dr. Rob Congdon says that the addition of Croatia to the EU member states is significant, but he also says that they will need to develop a core group to give direction to this economic political power in the future.

Dr. Rob Congdon: It is going to be a pragmatic solution I think. What you have, and we can already see it, the commission is the main power, 28 members are in the commission, the main power, directing power of the EU. They have already said it is getting difficult. They do not want to be like a parliament with several hundred members. They want to have just the key leadership and 28 is a lot to coordinate, if you get up to 109 it is impossible. What I believe is pragmatically as some have already started suggesting is we have to develop an inner core of countries to be the guidance of the EU.

When they were originally designed, the original plan of the EU was to have what they called the higher authority, and this was a very limited group that would have the ultimate power of the EU. With each new member, the pressure is going to grow to say how do we reduce it and we have said before one of the favorite numbers in the EU is based on the number 10. So, obviously I suggest they will break into geographic regions and be ten regions with their commissioner or leader of the high authority in those ten.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The fact that the EU may setup a core leadership group of ten member states sounds very similar to the prophetic scenario for the end times that is found in Bible prophecy.

As the EU continues to grow, it becomes more and more like what will be the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire. Daniel 7:7, 23, 24 are verses in Bible prophecy foretelling of a governmental and economic power in place during the seven year Tribulation Period.

The recent addition of Croatia to the EU member states is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.