October 23, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Saudi Arabia to showcase his influence in the Middle East

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JD: President Putin of Russia makes a visit and he goes into Saudi Arabia. They had a lot to discuss I’m sure but this does showcase Putin’s influence in the Middle East does it not?

KT: Well it does and Putin is very happy to do that. He wants to present himself as the king maker knowing full well the United States remains the king maker in the region. Remember the Saudi’s when they feel threatened or when they feel that the United States is backing off in their support for them will turn to other powers for help. In 1986 when they saw the Reagan administration-helping Iran through what became known as Iran Contra the Saudis turned to communist China to buy strategic missiles that could be equipped with nuclear warheads.

So the Saudi’s have done this before. They’ve already bought some Russian military equipment just as Egypt has done. This is something normal in the region. It’s also a wake up call for the United States that if we want to have allies in the region we have to be there for them.

JD: Well that’s seemingly what they are doing. They sent what 3,000 troops and some munition in to Saudi Arabia and their fight with basically Iran but the Iranian proxies as well.

KT: Yeah now that’s something we have to look more closely and we don’t know an awful lot of detail in the public record yet about those troops. I’ve heard the number 1,500 to 2,000 and that they’re going to essentially shore up the missile defense systems the air defense systems that are already in Saudi Arabia. The patriot missile batteries and others that miserably failed to detect, deter or destroy the Iranian drone and missile attack against that enormous Saudi chemical facility a couple of weeks ago. So those troops are going there to help defend the Saudi oil fields.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details of the Vladimir Putin visit to Saudi Arabia.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Saudi Arabia has a record of looking to the power nations of this world for assistance to defend themselves in a very tough neighborhood; Ken brought that to our attention with his report.

With the riches of the Saudi’s they can afford to buy this protection. Now the superpowers coming to the rescue are the United States and Russia. Saudi Arabia that was founded by Ishmael, Genesis 25:18 will be a player in the alignment of nations that comes to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, that’s Psalm 83:6 mentioned there as the Ishmaelites. Thus Saudi Arabia is a nation to be watched at the times of the end.