August 03, 2021

A war with Iran would not be an easy war for Israel to win

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A war between Israel and Iran would not be an easy war for Israel to win. You would probably agree
with that assessment.

Yes, because it wouldn't just be against Iran.
It would involve, as we've discussed so many times and the Israeli leaders have said openly and others,
analysts have confirmed, it would involve Iran's proxy forces, the largest one being Hezbollah in
Lebanon, with we believe about 150,000 missiles, increasingly, they’re precision-guided.
Hezbollah is rebuilding its forces along the border and strengthening its positions and the UN is
supposed to be curbing that, a war against Iran would involve that, it would involve certainly Hamas and
Islamic Jihad firing rockets and doing nefarious things along the Gaza border. It would probably involve
drone attacks coming from Yemen as well to southern Israel.
They've got all the Iranian-linked militias in Iraq that are closer physically to Israel than Iran, much
closer. And as we talked last week, they're even attempting, Iran is, to take over next door, Jordan. So,
Israel is basically surrounded by Iranian forces, and Iran itself has for sure been building up their Navy,
their army, and particularly their drone missile forces.
So, this drone attack overnight on Thursday, not far from Oman, is very, very ominous to the Israelis,
even though it wasn't an Israeli ship again; it was managed by an Israeli company based in London that
is headed by an Israeli billionaire. So, all of these things signs that conflict is coming.

David Dolan explaining why an Israeli/Iranian war would not be an easy war for Israel to win.
We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Think about this with me. Dave Dolan’s report mentioned all of the proxies that Iran has at its disposal
for any future war with Israel. David mentioned the Iranian proxies that surround the Jewish state.
Politically today, Israel would face a coalition of Islamic radicals financed and armed by the Iranian
Islamic Republic.
Prophetically, the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel reveals the scenario for just such a war. Ezekiel 38:5
mentions Persia, which is modern-day Iran. However, in Biblical times, Iran included Afghanistan,
Pakistan and Iran. With these nations and Iran's proxies, only God could intercede to protect the state of
Israel. That’s Ezekiel chapter 39 verses 1-6, and that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.