September 20, 2016

Pope Francis has declared that Mother Theresa is a Saint

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JD: Recently Pope Frances declare that mother Teresa is a saint. Most of us that are not catholic have no idea how the process of sainthood takes place in the Catholic Church. My broadcast partner David James explains this process.

DJ: Well that’s true I think a lot of the Evangelicals think the Catholic Church makes somebody a saint and that’s really not true. What they do is recognize someone as a saint and what that means in catholic theology is they recognize, they believe, they come to the conclusion that the person is in heaven meaning that they are saved, and if they are saved then they are a saint. They also hold to the general idea that everyone who is actually a believer is a saint and it’s a process that is initiated with a petition and the person is called a servant of God at that point, then they go into years of research into their life and writings to see if they were a good catholic, someone who is almost a hero of the faith. And then if there is a miracle that is reported and then verified and declared to be officially a miracle they go through what is a process called beatification which is the idea that they’re likely in heaven. And then after a second miracle they can be canonized or be declared a saint by the church and then they can be venerated, people can pray to them for intercesion with God.

JD: Well as I understand it someone who is declared a saint, the Catholic Church encourages other people to pray to them. And isn’t this a serious problem from a Biblical prospective?

DJ: Well it is on several accounts. One it presumes that those in heaven can hear and not only hear and know what’s on the earth but, actually act on our behalf. The idea of praying for a miracle, a lot of people think that the saints themselves do miracles so there’s a misunderstanding when actually catholic theology says there simply interceding with God. Another Biblical prospective is that interaction and trying to communicate with the dead is actually condemned as necromancy in the Bible and it’s a forbidden practice communication with the dead. The idea if you have hundreds and thousands of people praying to a saint, they would almost have to acquire the ability to be omniscient to understand all these things. So there are just multiple problems.

JD: David James explaining why sainthood by a church and prayer to catholic saints or any saints is not Biblical. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The mother-son cult headquartered in Rome today will be the basis for the false church as foretold in Revelation 17.

A study of Revelation 17 and the history of the Babylonian mother-son cult will show you how the mother-son cult in Rome, Italy today is the foundation for the false religion of the last days. This prophecy is about to be fulfilled and will be fulfilled after the Rapture of the Church.

And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.