April 05, 2018

Kim the third, leader of North Korea, will not be able to snooker President Trump

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JD: With the success of the North Korean leader Kim going in and meeting with the leader of China and first trip out of the country is setting up indeed I think for a conversation between the leader of North Korea and President Trump. How do you look at it?

KT: Well that’s probably true. I’ve got to say the irony here is you have President for life Xi Jinping of China with President for life Kim Jong-un, Kim number three or Kim the third if you prefer meeting each other dictators in other words and they’re trying to set up an environment where they can snooker the President of the United States. I don’t think Donald Trump is going to be snookered.

By the time that summit occurs John Bolton who I happen to know fairly well, I don’t think John Bolton who is going to be the National Security Advisor next week is going to fall for this kind of nonsense. I think he has a very clear headed idea of who the young Kim rocket man is and what his interest are. He’s seen successive US administrations really get snookered by North Korean offers to negotiate where they made all these offers and then they gave nothing in return. And you know soon afterwards developed long-range ballistic missiles, continued to develop the nuclear weapons programs and then exploded nuclear weapon, which they haven’t done before.

So, I think all of this with John Bolton as the National Security Advisor and Donald Trump as President I think it’s going to be a very very interesting summit meeting in May when President Trump and the young Kim meet together. And I don’t think the young Kim is going to be able to accomplish what his grandfather and father did before. I don’t think he’s going to be able to snooker the American’s anymore.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details as to why North Korean’s leader Kim Jong-un wont be able to snooker President Trump.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The face-to-face meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim the third got a boost recently when there was a meeting between the leaders of China and North Korea, which took place in China. Kim Jong-un returned to North Korea to say he wants a nuclear free Korean peninsula. This sets the way for the Trump-Kim meeting to take place though North Korea is not in Bible prophecy until the end of the tribulation period, that’s Revelation 16:12 when the kings of the east will make there way to Jerusalem. This North Korean leader has made himself a major player in our world today. This report is helping us to understand how the stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.