June 09, 2017

A recent massacre of Coptic Christians by Islamic Radicals is of much concern especially because of the coming demographic time bomb

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JD: A massacre took place in the desert there in the sinai.

KT: What we now know from resent reports the Christians on that bus were taken out one by one by the ISIS terrorist and asked if they were Christians and then said do you renounce your faith and want to profess your belief as a follower of Mohammad and they said no. Each and everyone of them said no and then they were shot in the head by ISIS. So they were clearly murdered because of their Christian faith and because they refused to renounce it.

JD: Do you understand what the philosophy of Islam is people that are eavesdropping on this conversation? You'd better because a recent pew report which keeps track of what’s happening, the trends around the world said that Islam will over take Christianity as the number one religion in the world. They’re going to continue to gain power in the population expansion of the Islamic world. This is not a good report is it Ken?

KT: Well Jimmy we’re facing a demographic time bomb here and it’s been underway for some time. You know I lived in France for many many years and you could see the gradually increase of the Moslem population as French women had fewer babies and Moslem immigrants had more they rapidly expanded. Now you have cities which are 50% Moslem in France. Brussels in Belgium is close to 50% Moslem. This does not go well because the Moslem groups who are politicized the political Moslems those who are practicing political Islam and there are many in Europe do not seek to cooperate with the Europeans, do not except European values of tolerance and of freedom. They are seeking to impose Sharia law on Europeans. So, this is going to be a cultural and political conflict going forward, a demographic time bomb.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details behind the lead story for today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

At the foundation of the Islamic faith is the responsibility to convert the world to except Islam as their religion and then line up under its dictates as found in their Holy book the Qur’an. This will result in the world converting to Islam or dying. Islam wants world domination an Islamic kingdom in our world today. This is the eschatology or the view on the end times of the Islamic faith.

Islam from this day forward will fight to make this happen unless they are stopped. Ezekiel 38:18-39:6 says that God will stop Islam from controlling the entire world.