August 02, 2016

There has been new life discovered in the Dead Sea

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It almost seems like a contradiction of terms to read the headline for this story that life, in fact, new life has been discovered in the Dead Sea by a team of Israeli and German scientists and this report comes at a time when the Dead Sea is dangerously low due to evaporation of the salty Dead Sea water.

Deep beneath the sea bed of a body of water long believed incapable of sustaining life, Israeli scientists have found deep fresh water springs and German scientists have discovered microorganisms growing on the sea floor.

While researchers have known for decades that the Dead Sea is a misnomer, the rich variety of life evidenced in the underwater springs and the microorganisms at the bottom of the Dead Sea may lead to new life for this body of water.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Freshwater springs at the bottom of the Dead Sea and newly discovered microorganisms in this body of water set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For a number of years, I have been reporting on the death of the Dead Sea as this famous body of water has been going down in level almost 3 feet per year. There have been major discoveries that may also be used to save the Dead Sea from death. These underwater springs and even the microorganisms discovered by the marine scientists could well be a lifeline needed for this project.

What is so interesting to a student of Bible prophecy is that two ancient Jewish prophets foretold of freshwater flowing into the Dead Sea and making this body of water, which is ten times saltier than any ocean on earth, a freshwater lake.

Zechariah wrote of what happens after Jesus Christ returns to the earth, how living waters flow from Jerusalem to the former sea in the text which is the Dead Sea, Zechariah 14:8. Ezekiel, in the 47th chapter of his prophecy, wrote of water flowing from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, actually from the Temple itself, down the Kidron Valley, all the way to the Dead Sea, Ezekiel 47:1-8. Verse 8 reveals that the saltwater in the Dead Sea will be healed and the fishermen will dry their fishing nets at Ngedi.

The Dead Sea will indeed be healed.