January 11, 2017

Military and political leaders in Israel say that Hezbollah, a radical terrorist organization that is driven by its eschatology, is Israel's number one enemy

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JD: David, this headline came out this week and I just want you to confirm its right; Hezbollah is now the biggest threat to Israel. I know Iran has been number one, now their surrogate terrorist organization there at Southern Lebanon, Israel’s northern border, Hezbollah, their the number one threat, is that pretty much on target?

DD: Well Jimmy I’ve actually felt that Hezbollah has been the actual number one threat that Israel has faced really since the mid 90’s. Now of course they wouldn’t be such a threat if they weren’t backed by other powers in particularly Iran. They wouldn’t have near the weapons that they have; one of the largest standing arms in the world in terms of the arms that they have, they wouldn’t have that without Iran. So Iran still remains the spirit the main force behind the drive to destroy Israel at present but Hezbollah is definitely the hand that they use to do this. And we’ve seen rocket attacks in the past, we have threats of renewed rocket attacks all the time from Hezbollah leaders and from Iranian leaders saying that they will unleash this surrogate force one day to destroy Tel-Aviv and Haifa and other cities in Israel.

 So it would be on the ground actual threat that Israel faces the most is Hezbollah no doubt about it. We’ve got to make it clear that Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim force. Iran of course is a Shiite Muslim country; the largest Shiite country and the main sponsor of terrorism in the region the same spiritual connection to the Shiite regime in Tehran that Hezbollah has. So Hezbollah is their fighting force and definitely remains Israel’s main strategic enemy, right on her borders.

JD: And David would that then mean that Hezbollah has the same eschatological philosophy as Iran in other words they believe the mahdi is coming to set up a caliphate and their part of that activity?

DD: There religious beliefs are identical to Iran’s and that is important to point out spiritual beliefs as well as political beliefs, and that remains a major problem for Israel.

JD: David Dolan, with his Middle East update.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know as we look at the enemies of Israel that want to destroy the Jewish state we notice the lowest common denominator is the Islamic faith of these nations. These Islamic nations with an eschatology that believes the mahdi, the Arabic word for Messiah, that their Messiah will come to form a coalition to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. These nations are listed in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and Daniel 11. The stage is set for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.