April 28, 2017

The Bible Answer Man is no longer capable to answer Bible questions

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JD: We’ve been fallowing a story that first began breaking this last week concerning Hank Hanegraaff. He’s know as the Bible answer man who actually has converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and has become a member of a Greek Orthodox Church. What can you tell us?

DJ: Well that’s right and actually in explaining and responding to questions and comments and concerns about his conversion he said he’d actually been attending an Orthodox church for over 2 years and he officially became a member on Palm Sunday. He was what’s called the term chrismated into the Orthodox Church. What’s interesting about this Dr. Hanegraaff has been talking about these things he says that nothing about what he believes in his faith has changed. Well, if nothing has changed then something was wrong in people thinking that he was actually a conservative Evangelical in his beliefs because there are distinctive differences and important problems between Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism.

Hank Hanegraaff became the president of the Christian Research Institute and took on the title of the Bible answer man. So, he’s been on the radio for a long time. But you know it’s not always been a smooth ride he’s come under criticism on a number of fronts and we’ll talk about some of them later as regards to eschatology.

But on the other end of the Bible in the beginning Ken Ham took him to task in an article posted on the answers of Genesis website where he notes that the Bible answer man does not hold to a literal creation, doesn’t believe that there was a literal serpent in the Garden of Eden that spoke to Eve. And so he would except a long day age theory or some kind of evolutionary theistic evolution. So there are problems with is theology.  

JD: David James with this report on the Bible answer man.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The purpose for this report was for alerting the church the body of Christ about someone who may not be what he claims to be. I.E. Hank Hanegraaff known as the Bible answer man who has recently converted to Eastern Orthodoxy.

The bible exhorts each of us who are true Bible believing born again Christians to study the Bible. It’s the word of God. Let me quickly say that there is nothing wrong to listen to Bible teacher’s maybe that you hear on the radio but we must make sure who we are listening to are what they say they are, true born again Bible believing people as well. That is why we have reported this story on Hank Hanegraaff.

Jesus actually warned during his earthly ministry for each of us to be aware of false prophets and false teachers. In fact, in Matthew 24 Jesus says that false teachers would be the main sign of his soon return. My suggestion for today is study the word and keep looking up, He is coming.

April 27, 2017

Recent harassment by a Moslem activist has caused a Christian leader to warn the churches of similar Moslem attacks in the future

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JD: Do you believe this possibly could be a prototype that could be replicated across the United States and in fact across the world as it relates to Christians coming together? I mean could churches be in jeopardy of something like this as well?

BH: Absolutely, we’ve actually said that for a while now you and I even and we now believe that was true. Some believe this may have been a dry run. The police that were there to protect us that night even told us if you had not hired us we think this would have gone really bad. So, he may have been there to do something and he was simply interrupted by one of the officer that we had hired. One of the officers knew him and had knew him for years and years and his comment was who radicalized him.

The mosque we have learned according to John Gondola in Sioux Falls is owned by the North American Islamic Trust Society that is Moslem brotherhood the terrorist organization they say. Yes, I believe this is a trend. So, this seems to be a new MO when Christians come to town seeing something they don’t like they get the media on their side, they stir up the protesters, they put pressure on the hotels to cancel the event or never give them a contract and it freezes out the assembling of Christians to gather to discuss critical issues from the word of God.

JD: You know it sounds like to me this is an end time scenario that now this Islamic desire to have a caliphate a world wide dominion is in operation. This is a very awesome thing that is taking place it looks exactly like what Bible prophecy said would happen. Do you agree?

BH: Absolutely, I agree and again the ironic thing is my whole presentation that night was on the growing global persecution of Christians and the two groups that were mentioned were the Moslem and the enter face neo-evangelicals. This is a fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama started and unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to end.

JD: Brannon Howse of World View Weekend a ministry trying to urge the church to have a Biblical world view with his slalom warning to the churches of our world today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Islamic faith has become a major factor in our world. Since 9/11 our world has been alert to the possibility of terrorist attacks from radical Islamist. Though the Bible doesn’t use the word Islam this man made religion is spreading across our world. Prophetic passages in the Bible however do mention the nations that are Islamic that would include Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and Daniel 11.

Islam also has an eschatology that’s a plan for the end times and that plan calls for a kingdom a world wide dominion a caliphate. Moslem harassments and terror attacks against Christians is actually setting the stage today for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.