June 05, 2017

The CBN Docu-drama, "In Our Hands", is an excellent production and historically correct but it is not Biblical in the statements made by Gordon Robertson at the end of the film as it relates to the End Times

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JD: Gordon Robertson got up and made some statements and I want you to speak to these issues he missed used scripture, he had a bad hermeneutics and I think that’s bad talk to me about this.

DJ: Well I was very distressed; actually I’m quite upset very much so because of how good the movie is itself because that is going to be the front end. That’s the wedge into people’s hearts and minds, which sets the stage for false teaching. It’s simply false teaching. You referred to the Davidic Covenant and this is a heart of what I consider one of the biggest issues in the whole film and that is the issue that they believe that the times of the Gentiles came to an end with Jerusalem being captured by the idea in 1967.

Now the Davidic Covenant, which promises that the Messiah the son of David will rule forever eternally on the throne of David from Jerusalem. And one of the aspects from the Davidic Covenant is that Israel will not only have a place but she will be given a rest from her enemies and her armed enemies will not apres her anymore.

No one can look at the Middle East and watch the nightly news and read what’s going on the Internet watch this and say in any shape or form that Israel has permanently gained rest from her enemies. In fact, she is surrounded by enemies.

Further more, we know that Pat Robertson and I assume his son Gordon hold to a post tribulational rapture to the church. You can go to the internet and you can find this documented very clearly. And what was another distressing mishandling of scripture is that Gordon at the end mentioned the UN resolution in December of last year, which said that Israel has no right to these lands that are claimed by the Palestinian and they’re breaking international law the United States abstained by that which was a horrible mistake. But he referred to that as the beginning of Armageddon, which means we are in the tribulation now. My question is which seal has been broken. So you have this happening over and over again through out this. Where’s the antichrist? We are not out of the times of the Gentiles. The antichrist is going to come; God’s judgment is going to fall. Many things have to happen prior to the coming of Jesus Christ as told in Revelation 19.

JD: David James with a review of the CBN film “In Our Hands”.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

A misstatement by Gordon Robertson on the end time scenario that is found in God’s word is not Biblical and dangerous for the church. God’s word is absolute on his plan for the future. Every Bible teacher has to be correct Biblically.