October 29, 2020

Joe Biden, Candidate for President of the United States, has promised the American Muslim community that in his administration there will be Muslims serving at every level

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JD: Joe Biden who is a candidate for President of the United States addressed the Muslim advocates and they received a promise from Joe Biden that Muslims would play a key role at every level in his administration should he be elected as President. Should we have concerns about this?

SH: Well Dr. DeYoung we should absolutely have concern because the Muslim brotherhood and the Muslim community as a whole has really ramped up their political activities which is something we have tried to warn Christians about that Islam is not just a religion. It's a political ideology and it is one that seeks to then impose its law Sharia upon other Western laws. In this case our Constitution. 

Joe Biden is now pandering to the Muslim community because the majority of Muslim Americans are voting Democrat, they're voting left. They're not getting elected just by the Muslim vote. They're getting elected because of the left. It's the progressive, the socialist they support the Muslim groups. The thing is what's concerning is what he said, because he actually quotes in there besides what you said about him saying that he wants Muslims to serve in his administration at every level. I want to just address with you what he said from the Hadi. Joe Biden quotes the Hadi and he doesn't understand what the Hadi means. It's actually a call to Jihad. We have to be concerned about the political implications of Muslim advocacy and we have to be concerned with the national security implications of Joe Biden allowing Muslims at every level of his administration. 

JD: Shahram Hadian warning us of the Biden promise to American Muslims to include Muslims in every level of his administration should he win the Presidential election.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In his own words Joe Biden has promised to allow the Muslims to move ahead in their effort to bring down America and set up an Islamic caliphate that's a world wide Islamic kingdom. The word Islam is not mentioned in the Bible however the Islamic states today are mentioned in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and Daniel 11. These nations are active players in our world today ready to fulfill Bible prophecy and very soon.