June 07, 2017

God created Human Government and has raised up Political leaders to fulfill God's Plan for the future through decisions these political leaders make every single day

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JD: Sam you’re a politico and would you not agree with me that the President of the United States, the major super power of this world decisions politically that he makes have an affect and will have ramifications across this world. So, it’s key that he make the proper decisions isn’t it?

SR: Well there’s no question. At this point in time the President of the United States is the leader really of the world at this point certainly the free world. But this President and Jimmy the way I best describe it is that under Barack Obama I think God used Barack Obama to align the nations for the Lord’s return. I think what God is doing with Donald Trump that he’s raised up I think that God is using Donald Trump right now to shake the nations. And they are literally using that word he is shaking the nations leaders, they are beside themselves they don’t know how to interpret what he’s doing. He’s literally shaking and maybe Biblical term would be sifting the nations. Something is going on that is clear and at this point as long as the United States is where it is political, wealth wise, militarily what he does is directing the direction of the world. That’s why the globalist right now are threatening to take him out of office because they’re afraid he’s going to overturn their effort toward one world government so there’s a lot going on and the days ahead of us are going to be filled filled filled.

JD: Sam Rohrer with an explanation as to how the Lord is using Human Government to direct this world today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

4,500 years ago the Lord instituted Human Government. Down through the centuries the God of Heaven has used this Human Government to direct mankind. Even today God is directing all of God’s Human Government to move people of the earth in the direction that he wants them to go.

Even as we move into the last days God will use again Human Government Revelation 17:17 to set the stage in this world and put all the actors in place for the fulfillment of his prophetic word. These actions by political leaders of this world today setting the stage for the end times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. God has a plan it will be fulfilled, Revelation 17:17 and exactly as he said it would.