January 23, 2013

The people of Israel have re-elected PM Netanyahu

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With the highest voter turnout since 1999, the body politic of Israel has elected a Knesset, the Israeli legislature, and this body of Knesset members, 120 of them will meet in the days ahead to re-elect PM Netanyahu as the PM to lead the Jewish state for the next four years.

The new Knesset will have a right-wing leaning body who will form the legislature to return Netanyahu to power, however the left-wing of the Knesset will be far stronger than the last Knesset.

 Netanyahu will have a tougher time leading the Israeli government at a time in history that presents many challenges for Israel like Syria, Egypt and their number one threat, a nuclear-powered Iran with a nuclear WMD and a delivery system that can strike any target in Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The results are in, it indicates that Israeli PM Netanyahu has been re-elected for another four year term which actually sets the stage for the new Israeli government to face an end of times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Though with less of a power base than his last four years as PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has been re-elected to govern the Jewish state. There are a number of issues that the new Israeli government will have to deal with including the chemical WMD threat from the civil war going on in Syria. The continuation of the peace agreement between Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood led Egyptian administration hangs in the balance as well. Israel's number one threat, a nuclear-powered Iran, has not gone away and must be dealt with in the very near future. This agenda for the newly elected Israeli government actually sounds like a page out of Bible prophecy.

Daniel 11:40 talks about the King of the North which is modern day Syria, also in Daniel 11:40-43, it refers to the King of the South which is actually Egypt today. The prophetic scenario is that these two nations, Syria and Egypt, are the first two nations to attack the Jewish state early on in the seven year Tribulation Period. The rest of the coalition of this alignment of nations will join the attack on Israel, including Iran which is the Persia mentioned in Ezekiel 38:5. These prophecies seem very close to being fulfilled as we observe the events going on in the Middle East today.

Israel's newly elected government could well see these Bible prophecies fulfilled in the very near future.