December 29, 2016

During 2016 the world has focused on the Jewish State of Israel; the settlements, the peace talks and Jerusalem, and this focus will be the same for 2017

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JD: The controversy surrounding the Jewish settlements the United States, European Union, United Nations even with a resolution to shut down the Jewish settlements is a major concern for this coming year; has been in the last year as well.

DD: Well that’s true, the Palestinians they want all settlements communities in Judah and Samaria taken apart and taken down that of course is also the position of most of the world, they would like to see that happen. Don’t expect that in 2017.

JD: David, you have continually said on the broadcast you don’t believe the peace talks between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians will go any place. How be it for this next year the new President, President Trump says he’s going to do that deal. He said this will be the greatest deal he ever does to bring a resolution to that conflict. Your thoughts will the peace talks go ahead moving towards a resolution or not?

DD: I don’t think so Jimmy, and I think the new President-elect is going to find that he has a lot more pressing problems right on his plate from the very beginning. The threat of terrorism inside the States is one issue. Foreign policy isn’t his best suit, certainly those who have tried and every administration has tried and have found how difficult it is to bring a resolution to this conflict all sorts of things happening all around Israel, just doesn’t feel like the time at all. And the Palestinian’s remain divided that’s an important thing to consider. Hamas still ruling the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Abbas who’s supposedly going to hold elections during the year 2017, we’ll see. But weak Palestinian leadership, Israel involved in so many other things, I don’t think we’ll see any progress at least not in the initial parts of next year.

JD: A President Trumps has said he’s going to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I don’t think that’s going to settle the conflict over Jerusalem especially between the Palestinians and the Jewish people. That conflict is going to continue on and in fact that’s what the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah said so that’s a must. We’re not going to see calm until the true Messiah and the Prince of Peace comes, Jesus Christ.

DD: I think that’s right Jimmy. I just don’t see on the ground any evidence of any movement can take place in the peace process and even moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, there’s going to be a lot of blow back within the state department against that happening and it’ll be a real battle inside the administration to see if that can actually take place, let alone what would happen on the ground otherwise and the opposition that the Muslim world would put up to it.

JD: David Dolan, our broadcast partner that covers the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. And Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled especially as it relates to the Jewish state of Israel in light of the events surrounding the Jewish settlements, the peace talks, and the city of Jerusalem and all of this according to the book of Ezekiel, Chapters 34-39.