June 29, 2020

Nations out of the Far East have plans to destroy America

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JD: Rocket man is at it again. North Korea is threatening a sensational event to bring an end to America. Braggadocios or is he just really meaning he's putting something together to do that?

KT: I think Jimmy little rocket man is feeling neglected I would say these days. Just this last week he blew up the North-South Korea Friendship house right at the border there. Now he's rattling his sword. You know they're at the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War which by the way has never ended. There was a cease fire but not an end to the Korean War. So he's talking again about the ability of inflicting tremendous damage on the United States as well as South Korea. He's trying to get the attention of President Trump. He's hoping for another summit and I think that ultimately is what these threats were all about.

JD: And at the same time Ken it looks like China is preparing an emp Pearl Harbor type attack on America. Is there any truth to that report?

KT: This is something the Chinese have been talking about in their military journals and amongst their military experts for close to 30 years. They understand the vulnerabilities of the United States to electro magnetic pulse attacks. These are attacks that basically wipe out computer chips. The emp pulse is generated by a low yield nuclear warhead and that will then knock out all the computer chips in the area that it hits. If you detonate it 200 miles up in the air 1 a single low yield nuclear weapon could take down the entire eastern half of the United States from New York to the Mississippi.

They talked specifically about hitting US aircraft carriers with emp weapons. That is something I think that is far more realistic than a massive emp attack on the American homeland. They would hit a US aircraft carrier if they felt that we were coming too close to helping either Hong Kong or Taiwan in their efforts to break free from communist China.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the plans of North Korea and red China to destroy America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report helps us to understand the desires of far eastern nations to destroy America. Though the Bible does not mention either North Korea or red China by name it does refer to these two militarily powerful states as the kings of the east there in Revelation 16:12. What is unfolding today is a precursor of prophecy being fulfilled in the upcoming Tribulation period the seven years leading up to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.