March 06, 2017

The military battle in Northern Iraq to drive Islamic State out of Mosul is both political and prophetic

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JD: The Iraqi military forces going into and trying to liberate Mosul. This is an unbelievable activity that’s unfolding there; we need to talk about that battle, all the players that are involved. It looks like Islamic State’s trying to escape but instead they’re using these people as human shields and they’re becoming suicide bombers. They’re saying this is part of the plan that Allah has for worldwide caliphate. Your thoughts?

KT: Well that’s right and that’s been their goal all along and if anybody doesn’t believe it they should just listen to what they say and they are taking the precepts of Islam and putting them into force. They’re taking statements from the Muslim prophet and putting them into force here in their Islamic State.

The Iraqi forces have made slow slow gradual progress; civilians are trying to flee. The Iraqi’s are trying to cut off the exit from Mosul so they can trap the Islamic State fighters inside the city. There were reports just yesterday Jimmy, that the leader of the Islamic State has already left Mosul and addressed his followers from elsewhere. My guess is he’s going to Rocca in Syria where the group will make it’s last stand.

This battle is slow but the President has said he will irradiate Mosul. His military leaders are coming up with a plan; probably it’s on the President’s desk because he asked them to give it to him within 30 days and those 30 days have passed. And I don’t expect the President to tell us what it is. He said that very clearly, what I’m not going to do is tell ISIS in 4 months we’re going to attack, in 3 month we’re going to attack, right, he said this publicly and he is so right. Let them be very afraid. I think that’s a good policy.

JD: Ken Timmerman from Washington DC with details behind the efforts to drive Islamic state out of Mosul.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mosul has been the capital of the so-called Islamic State. Islamic State robbed the banks there and then sold on the black market oil from this oil rich region to become the best financed Islamic terror organization in the world. Now Iraq wants to rid Mosul of IslamicSstate. The Iranian’s and the Kurd’s have joined Iraq in this military operation. However, the big question is who will control Mosul after the battle.

Jeremiah 51:11 says that the spirit of the Medes will come to power in the last days. By the way, the Medes of the Medo Persian Empire are the modern day Kurds. The stage is set for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.