May 30, 2019

Some European Union member states are calling for a European Union Army; which, by the way, is key to Bible prophecy

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JD: Here’s a subject we often approach that is the European Union Army. Is that possible? I mean we keep moving towards that. Is there any further information that you can pass along to us?

JR: The very bottom line, the very take away on this is that all this talk of the EU army is always on the border and always on the edge. It would necessitate overriding NATO and Europe likes that NATO is there but they want to have some more autonomous possibilities.

What this really comes down to is that the talk of an EU army is simply for political reasons. You’re looking more that it’s a political army. Well this type of thing could never succeed in history so they need a political center. This is why we keep seeing this trend towards the political core that will unify in Europe; this is what they need to survive. So with a political center this is the type of thing that occurred during the Roman Empire. And they would need a political center today to make an EU army feasible otherwise its just going to be superfluous and its just going to be something on top of NATO. So can they pull that off? They can’t really pull it off until there’s a political core of nations and we do believe that that eventually is a set of 10 nations.

JD: John Rood discussing the possibility of a European Union army and what must happen for the European Union to have this army.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For years the European Union has been discussing bringing into existence a European army. John stated the obvious the European Union must have a power base in place in order for there to be the possibility of a European Union army. Now that is the political aspect of this debate that’s going on among the member states of the European Union. As John reported there are a number of problems politically for this to happen. However, prophetically it has to happen. There must be a European Union army in order for the fulfillment for Daniel 7, the Revived Roman Empire to come into place.

Revelation 17:9-11 says that the center of power for the establishment of a European Union army will be Rome Italy. Remember the Old Roman Empire had a powerful military operation. The debate over the European Union army will lead to the fulfillment then of Bible prophecy and the revival of the Old Roman Empire.