January 25, 2017

Palestinians say that President Trump has declared a "Religious War" against the Palestinians and, in fact, the entire Moslem world

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JD: Itamar, I had to talk to you this week because of some of the threats that both King Abdullah of Jordan and the Palestinian leadership, Mahmoud Abbas and others are making. A promise made during the campaigning by Donald Trump said he was going to move the embassy into Jerusalem and I want to get to that in just a moment but you do monitor that media, I’d like to know what the Palestinian reaction is to the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. What’s the Palestinian thinking as we come into this new administration?

IM: The big focus is exactly what you started with; it’s really focused on Jerusalem their presenting him as a dangerous person, a person that’s going to bring war. In fact they call it a religious war, they’re saying it’s a declaration of religious war against all Muslims. Well basically what they’re trying to do is very simply this, there have been number of times when extremist Muslim groups have threatened violence or actually committed violence and were able to get the free world, Western world, the democratic world, to give into a demand.

By the way the Palestinians have used this as well. The Palestinians have been threatening violence if Jews would be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount and it’s absolutely unfathomable that Jews not be allowed to pray in our Holiest place which has been under Israeli rule since 1967 but because they’ve threatened violence the Israeli government actually prohibits Jews from going on the Temple Mount to pray. So how do they get this? By threatening violence; now that’s exactly what we’re seeing today they’re threatening violence.

They’re saying if you move the embassy many, many people will die, it’ll be a religious war. The Palestinian population knows what the leadership is saying, they understand they’re asking for violence, and in fact, if he moves the embassy, when he moves the embassy, in all likely hood there will be Palestinians who will heed this call and go out and be violent. He’s going to be encouraging Palestinians to riot, to kill, to murder. In fact, these are calls for violence and he’s doing it in a way that every Palestinian understands what he’s saying. 

JD: Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch, a team that monitors the Palestinian media with details on our main story.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know as the Palestinians react to the new Trump administration, they issue a dire warning to the new President, if you move the United States embassy to Jerusalem you are declaring war, a religious war against all Moslems, including the Palestinians.

This ploy by the Palestinians was foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets Malachi, Ezekiel, and Obadiah. In Ezekiel 35, that the Palestinians would kill the Jews. In Malachi that they would set up their borders for their Palestinian state, and in the little book of Obadiah that they would fight a religious war with the Jewish nation.