August 25, 2020

The Temple Mount would be a great prize for Saudi Arabia in a Peace Agreement with Israel

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JD: Five different Arab nations that really are considering doing the same thing that the UAE did and make normalization with Israel. Saudi Arabia though earlier this week had made the statement they are not going to do anything as it relates to that until there is a relationship between Israel and the Palestinians and an agreement of some type. However they are thinking there in Israel and even here in the United States that the Temple Mount could be a trading card to entice the Saudi's for a peace agreement. The Saudis control of course Mecca and Madina the number one and number two Islamic holy sites but the third site is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Could that be a trading card to entice the Saudis?

DD: Well it could and there has been speculation in the Israeli media about that this week. There's no doubt that the Saudis are in effect at peace with Israel on the ground. There's diplomatic contacts and are definitely military contacts and again the driving force share fear of Iran, shared concern over Iran's aggression. So the Temple Mount would be a great prize for the Saudis if they could have some sort of greater influence there and whatever. But they did put out that statement earlier this week that until there's a former Israeli - Palestinian peace they won't formally make peace with Israel. 

I would remind them that the PLO signed the peace deal with Israel in 1993 called the Oslo Accords. At that time they didn't as a result recognize Israel or make peace with Israel. They had every chance then to do it. But you mentioned them being the guardians of the holiest sites of Islam and so they are. So they feel that for them to make peace with the Jewish State would be different then Bahrain or Qatar or the UAE because they are the custodians of the holy sites. It would really raise Islamic around the world is what they fear and really give the Iranians another card to bash the Sunni Muslims with. They don't need that at this time.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Temple Mount would be a great prize for Saudi Arabia as a result of a peace agreement with Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Dave revealed in his report the Israelis are considering giving custodial rights to the Temple Mount in exchange for normalizing relations with the Saudis in a possible peace agreement. However you must remember that the Temple Mount is Judaism's most holy site and it will be the site of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. That may well trump any peace agreement because Jesus is jealous for the Temple Mount, that's Zechariah 1:14.